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  • juroofie's Avatar
    Today, 16:17
    Dear Members, I am looking Job related to managing Engineering Change Orders. Please let me if you know any. Thank you, Mohan
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  • Miguel@Aardvark3D's Avatar
    Today, 15:56
    UPDATE! I can now offer 3D printed prototype parts of projects I've worked on, or your projects. Or, if you'd like something 3D printed, contact me. I'm happy to accept a 3D printing job, just contact me for a quote.
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  • GarethW's Avatar
    Today, 13:58
    Thanks very much - that certainly looks like the way to go :)
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 11:49
    Hi,Jeff, is it difficult to find one company who has this two kinds of manufacturing, plastic injection molding and aluminum high pressure die casting, to control the quality well enough, you can choose one best company and give them all your components, of course, they have to subcontract some parts but they have to control the quality themself,if you find different suppliers and cooperate separately with individual, it works if you have strong and strict quality system and QC staff
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 11:38
    we have some overseas customers who engage in LED lighting and electronics, they need many kinds of metal casing/housing which they can assemble all electronics components in, they always require that the stamping case must look like one part, no any gap or space at the four sides,further, their design is the four sides have to be straight in line and round chamfer like R1, firstly,we considered to make them with deep drawn stamping, unforunately, the four sides is very sharp, if deep drawn,there will be no TIG welding and grinding,but they have to be at lest R2-R3, customers do not allow us, so, we turn to stamp them out and do fine TIG welding,grinding,and round chamfer handling, this take us so much time, but we can achieve good looking and sharp sides.
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 11:22
    For this part, it need to be bent to 90 degree? if just blanking and punching seveal holes, there will be no any problem, only remember, there will be some burrs long the cutting edges, and further, the cutting edge will be not smooth and look like coarse, we made bracket with mild steel of 6.0mm thickness, stamping the plate out and bent to some angle, then, TIG welding,Polishing and bright chrome plating,
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 11:16
    is it made by metal stamping? and any surface finish? you can make deburring by fine blanking, or tumbling, to remove the burrs.
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 10:32
    for aluminum TIG welding on such thin sheet, good skilled welding workers can control the quality, if the welding is uniform or regular, you can consider to purchase one automatic machine for this job, the welding gun can go smooth and stable for straight line or round shape. we have so much experience on TIG welding on think sheet for metal stamping parts.
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 10:27
    For washers, of course, it is much more economical with progressive die stamping, it is fast in production and precision can be guaranteed, for flatness, you can add one step to press the part and achieve your flatness.
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  • mechanicalgirl's Avatar
    Today, 10:24
    Hi Marnie. I am a first time mom and I would really want an app that is related to taking care of my baby all rolled into one. Sounds funny though but this will be very helpful for all the new moms who is juggling time between home and work. To be particular, I would like to have something that would direct me to the right practitioner or something that may show a video of how things should be dealt. I am not sure if there is something like this but I have been looking at it but to no avail. Looking forward to your feedback.
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 10:24
    Yes, for common steel, the cutting edge will be corrupted after a while, there is no protection on the cutting edges,so it is easily corruption, it will be worse under humid condition, maybe you can apply some super quality anti-rust oil on the cutting edges, it can prevent from being rusted for some time. If without any surface finish, then, Stainless steel is the suitable option,SUS430 is of course not as good as sus304 or sus316, considering your budget, it will increase your cost. Do you think you can make this lid with SPCC, then, powder coating finish or ecoating finish, in this case, the surface won't be rusted for long long time,
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  • mechanicalgirl's Avatar
    Today, 10:17
    Oh well, this is pretty much easy. Believe it or not if I am not an engineer, I would become a doctor, pediatrician to be specific.
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 10:16
    Firstly, Aluminum will be die casted with high pressure and high temperature(620-650 degree),strength of Aluminum is much btter than plastic, further, anti-heat for aluminum is much better than plastic, plastic can be injection molding around 110-150 degree, so the quality for plastic injection molding will be much easie to control.
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  • mechanicalgirl's Avatar
    Today, 10:15
    I always do. I am uncertain but it seems that I do my job a faster when there is music playing. But of course, it depends on the type of music being played. I usually go for the soulful type.
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  • htmetalstampings's Avatar
    Today, 10:05
    Hi, it is hard to say stamping depth simply, it depends on your desgin and requirement, without rough drawing, we can not give you professional suggestion, so please attach drawings and then you can have exact idea Bruce HAI TONG METAL PRODUCTS LIMITED Specialized in metal stamping and sheet metal parts.
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  • Akhil's Avatar
    Today, 09:38
    How can I come up with a model where the FRONT VIEW and the TOP VIEW look same.. here is wat I was asked to come up with in CATIA V5 R20.. Two concentric circles is the front view.. and Two concentric circles is also the Top view.. DIA50 FOR OUTER CIRCLE.. DIA 25 FOR INNER CIRCLE.. DIA 25 IS A HOLE THROUGHOUT(IN BOTH THE VIEWS) regardless of wat the use of the model is.. wat are the uses of the model.. I just had to come up with a model.. there cannot be uneven surfaces or useless protrusions apart from whats been asked to do.. Can anyone suggest... how can we design it in CATIA(any workbench can be used)
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    Today, 00:06
    Hi Gareth, Mold Tech in a heartbeat for me (and I have no affiliation or prior knowledge with or of the Company) - we also use lightpipes for a specific application and we had an awful lot of problems to start with, including the correct material that would allow the light to emit radially throughout the extent of the curved pipe. But from bitter experience, any Company that provides a fully sampled range of easily accessible comparative textures is the way to go.
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  • Auto Engineer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:42
    Thanks Dana, I am going to be looking at this dryer at the weekend now my new belt has arrived. I have only just thought about this idea, now the bearing that supports the drum is not that strong in the material design, and the back wall support is the same, so today I thought about welding a stainless steel plate to the back wall and making a new bearing out of stainless steel, if welding the stainless steel plate to the cheaper type tin plate they use is going to be a problem, then so long as the plate has sufficient area I should be able to rivet the plate in place and assemble the dryer? I'll have to give it a go and see? Thanks
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  •'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:23
    I am using 2D Vellum Graphite on 0SX 10.6.8. Very user friendly
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  • Lochnagar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:30
    The picture you have shown is of a logging crane - which would typically be fitted to what is called a forestry forwarder - which picks up the felled tress - and deposits them on the trailer. For those not familiar with the forestry scene - see pictures below of a small and large forestry forwarder in the links below. So normally, the chassis of the forestry forwarder takes the bending moment and provides the counterweight to the weight of the trees that are being lifted - and the hydraulic stabilizers prevent the chassis from over turning/capsizing. So what I am unsure about from the question you have posted - is what exactly do you mean by a "portable base". Perhaps you could explain - or show some further pictures of what you are wanting to do?? Are you going to be mounting it on a forestry forwarder - or are you going to be mounting it on frame in the yard?? ...
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  • GarethW's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:11
    I have designed a lightpipe where due to time constaints I specified a "light spark finish" texture on the emitting surface (to diffuse the light so it radiates better over a wider viewing angle). Samples of the lightpipe have arrived from China and the texture applied is too light in my opinion. Therefore I would like to increase it. The toolmaker opted for "VDI3400-12" spark finish. I am unable to accurately specify the texture I want because I can't seem to get hold of VDI3400 comparator plates anywhere! Does anyone have any ideas where I can obtain VDI3400 texture comparator plates? ...or am I better of forgetting about VDI and use mold-tech instead
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  • Jeffrey123's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:00
    I am doing a research on the techniques by which we can determine the in-situ state of soils, rocks. I found some non-intrusive and intrusive techniques of ground investigations here at . In non-intrusive technique, they have mentioned about sampling using piston sampler but I have no idea how it is being done. Does anyone know about it? Also what are the techniques used to improve the bearing capacity of soil?
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  • SRM's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:33
    SRM replied to a thread Gear reduction in Calculations
    Thanks for the response, Lochnagar! I wish I could remember the stats on that display I saw... I may have to take a trip there again sometime.
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  • kevin136's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:49
    Hi all Mechanical guys, This's Kevin from Guangzhou China, a machanical enginer. This's a great forum for us mechanical sharing! BTW, I can provide prototype and tooling service. Pls PM or email me if you want. Thanks! BR, Kevin
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  • Nate_'s Avatar
    26th Nov '14, 22:05
    Hello, my name is Nate and I'm from Colorado. I'm working for a company that designs electronics primarily. I however am the only mechanical engineer there who does all of the design housing packaging for their circuit boards. Occasionally I have to attempt to design things out of my current understanding. Now I'm getting to my point. Has anyone here ever picked up a headset (one for listening to audio on a computer or one that is for recreational use) and noticed how you can adjust the radius of the plastic piece that goes around the back of the head in order to provide a better fit for the user? (Sometimes the product has that feature.) I am very interested in understanding how those plastic adjustable pieces work inside? I suppose I could go buy a headset and rip it apart. From what I have noticed some have teeth that fit into little slots on the interior surface of the headset's housing and as you apply tension or compression to either side the teeth snap into...
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  • Lochnagar's Avatar
    26th Nov '14, 21:45
    Lochnagar replied to a thread Gear reduction in Calculations
    I haven't been to the museum of Science in Chicago - but I am going to guess that all you saw was nothing more than a very large reduction ratio of planetary reduction - which is not uncommon. Maxon Motors make both motors and gearboxes - and in the example below you will see a reduction of 1024:1 is obtained over a 5 stage planetary reduction gearbox. So with a 1024:1 reduction - if you turn the input shaft by 360 degrees (or 1 revolution) - the output shaft will only turn by 0.35 degrees. So in effect the output shaft looks as though it has hardly moved. You can get planetary reduction gearboxes with reductions of 10000:1 - which would mean for 1 full turn of the input shaft - the output shaft will only turn by 0.036 degrees. Hope this helps.
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  • JLandon's Avatar
    26th Nov '14, 15:30
    Hello all, I have a few questions for some of the experienced people in the manufacturing industry. First, I'd like to thank you for your time reading this post and answering any or all of the questions asked. Or advising about anything that someone new to the industry may need to be aware of. A quick bit about myself. I live in the U.S. where I served as an infantry marine. I survived 2 combat tours to Iraq. I'm 30 y/o and am looking to start my first business venture while completing my Bus Mgt. degree. I'm currently learning how to use some basic 3DCAD software (123D) to design a simple product, with the intent to prototype, manufacture, and market it. I have no experience in the process of tooling an injection mold for a plastic/rubber product, aside from a bit of research over the internet. Now to the questions... Are there any posts about provisional patents? I'm not sure the exact material I want to use for the final product. I plan to send my CAD off to a company...
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  • agatakruszka's Avatar
    26th Nov '14, 13:45
    We are currently looking for a Mechanical Designer / Engineer who will join our Food Preparation R&D Center in Rothenburg. This role is a unique opportunity to grow professionally in an established, international environment while working on innovative (internet of things is here!), big-scale projects in close cooperation with laboratories, purchasing, quality, central engineering and suppliers. In this role you will: - Design mechanical and electromechanical components and subsystems in 2D and 3D - Identify standardization opportunities - Evaluate environmental impact - Support intellectual patent analysis and clearance - Use robust design tools (CATIA, FMEA, FEM, statistical tolerance chain analysis, risk assessment) - Analyze technical test results and take decision for final component approval
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  • brads's Avatar
    26th Nov '14, 09:58
    Thanks for your reply. They wanted it in relation to complete product life cycle. Build (inc parts, assembly and delivery), installation, product operation for specified life span, decommissioning and recycling. For the newly delivered product I could ask my suppliers for this information for all the parts, although I have asked other questions like this in the past and not had much luck. Not to mention I need to ask this of 50 suppliers each of which supply multiple parts. I have no idea where to start with the carbon footprint of my assembly, programming, testing packing etc. I have already calculated the carbon footprint of my building for one of my ISO certificates, but it is almost impossible to say how much of that is used on this product line. I could have really rough guess. However the majority of the build is carried out by hand. What is the carbon footprint of an assembly worker? I have one guy who produces so much hot air I am worried it will send the carbon...
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  • CCP's Avatar
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