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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:34
    Strambo, unfortunately when someone has a 'secret' it's human nature to believe that they are the sole keeper of it, when in reality the secret is widely known, and in this case, disproved... Our psyches also lean towards myth perpetuation - in other words, it's far easier to perpetuate a belief that any individual may have than to cogently argue to the contrary of that belief in the expectation that opinion will be changed... Sentally - what goes up, comes down, and what comes down goes up again, but not quite as far... it really is that simple. Whether linearly or rotationally, it makes no difference.
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  • Strambo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:29
    I have been a successful Mechanical Engineer for 35 years. I can tell you with certainty that the proposed "gravity generator" will fail. You can choose to read or not read anything you want, and it doesn't change the laws of physics. You'll find out if you keep trying.
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  • Hakam's Avatar
    4th Oct '15, 13:38
    Hi All, I am Hakam from UAE. Nice to meet you all
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  • lgsp90's Avatar
    4th Oct '15, 02:05
    Hi, m name is Barry from Halifax Canada. Interesting forum, I sort of fell into this line of work and find the topics an interesting read.
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  • lgsp90's Avatar
    4th Oct '15, 01:54
    Hi to all, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada is home for me
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  • Paul T's Avatar
    3rd Oct '15, 22:13
    I've already described the testing I will do using input vs output on a oscilloscope. It doesn't get any more accurate than that. I'll be back with evidence to prove it one way or another. When I don't know... 9/11 an inside job!!!! You might be a little right there!!!
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    3rd Oct '15, 17:29
    Please don't do that Sentally - really, please don't go there..... Not to the thread Erich suggested. That way madness awaits...
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  • Mallikarjun G. H's Avatar
    2nd Oct '15, 19:10
    From, Mallikarjun G Herkal Mob no - 8983603206 Mail- C/o Shreekant S Biradar GMC GANGA APT. PT 17, FL-B-6 CDC PCNTDA, CHIKKALI, PUNE.411014 To,
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  • FL_STEVE's Avatar
    2nd Oct '15, 16:08
    Erich, thank you for the info, and true he/she would not have to be an engineer with a degree, just the supposed experience described above. I mean if I purchase a CNC and the designer does not know how to use it would be bad. This is to get an idea to put into a business plan... More comments are welcomed... Thank you
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  • Erich's Avatar
    2nd Oct '15, 15:41
    You did not get a patent because the patent office will not patent perpetual motion machines. What you propose won't work. The fact that you say it needs a motor to run proves it. Gravity is a conservative force. That means that the potential energy is related only to position in the gravity field. The path taken has no effect on the energy. That means if your device operates on a cycle where the system comes back around to the same position, there is NO WAY to extract any energy from the system. Go look at the thread entitle Holy Grail of Mechanical engineering in the Lounge forum. You will see the fruitless journey ahead of you if you persist.
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  • Erich's Avatar
    2nd Oct '15, 15:34
    Depending on experience, you could pay anywhere from $40 to $120 per hour. You could get a CAD designer without an engineering degree but fab experience at or below the range above.
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  • huangdf's Avatar
    1st Oct '15, 18:23
    A tank, DP:15psig, DT:200F, ID:144"; Height:16ft; Material: A-36. A manhole 24" another 4 nozzles (3"~8") will be installed on the head. I am struggling with what type of head I should use. If it is too large to use Flat Head or Weld cover? F & D head is a right choice? I checked UG-34, and may overlook the section about the size limit of using flat head. Thanks,
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  • FL_STEVE's Avatar
    1st Oct '15, 17:39
    Hello all, I was working on a project for a while and created it on my own, so now I am looking for a investor to be able to kick off this new project. I have already made the 3D CAD drawing, but I need an engineer with more experience in CAD to bring the part into specs, about 1 months work for 3 small parts, with more work later. So I need to know the hourly rate an engineer would ask for such project (largest piece is 14"X6"X2" +-), the person would have to know CAD, CNC Machines (I may purchase 1), 3D printers for prototype, digital/laser duplicators... Thank you FL_Steve
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  • Petrov's Avatar
    1st Oct '15, 13:35
    Hello everyone! My name is Aleksey and I'm from Russia. I design the steel moulds for concrete block industry, block-making machines and auxiliary equipment. My English is not very good but I'm ready to help you in my branch of engineering.
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  • lmadeira's Avatar
    30th Sep '15, 10:55
    Hi! I'm from Portugal. I'm living in UK since June, more specifically in Miton Keynes. This is my first participation in the forum and take this opportunity to thank you for having accepted me in the forum. Cheers, Luis
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  • upendrab's Avatar
    30th Sep '15, 09:43
    Dear Members, I am recruiting for an exciting new opportunity with one of our client a leading Automotive supplier of engine products, namely low-pressure rubber or silicone hoses and ducts. They produce cooling, fuel and air induction products or systems. Headquartered in Cadillac, Michigan, the company have over 3,500 employees (60% located in the USA). I m keen to speak with anyone with Mechanical Design experience and willing to move to the next level as Project engineer/ Liaison Engineer/ Resident Engineer at a major automotive research and development facility. position offers excellent salary package + bonus + benefits. Referrals welcome, so please feel free to share. Please do not hesitate to reach me for a strictly confidential discussion.
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  • Mangepange's Avatar
    30th Sep '15, 06:12
    I really have no recollection to where I stumbled across this forum... I just can't recall... I'd guess I was searching the web from a specific item or similar and just accidentally stumbled on a link...
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  • Mangepange's Avatar
    30th Sep '15, 06:09
    Stenungsund, Sweden here... Very close to Gothenburg where I spend my office hours...
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  • Mangepange's Avatar
    30th Sep '15, 06:07
    I'm Magnus and I'm living on the Swedish west coast. I'm a mechanical engineer that most of my life have worked with stuff close to engineering... like project manager in the automotive industry, production engineer in automotive but I also had the pleasure of holding a position as Engineering manager at two companies that unfortunately was shut down by the owners. (Not my fault, I promise... :p one facitlity I helped turning the business into black figures, but the owners patience was gone so we had to close anyway.) I also been working as a product planner and product manager for a large company a number of years but I didn't find it satisfying enough so I've returned to engineering and project management. Currently I'm developing lithium ion batteries at a small start-up company in sweden. Very best regarads,
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  • Sentally's Avatar
    30th Sep '15, 01:06
    Forget for a moment what modern inquisition says. If every piece of the puzzle is falling into its place, what does common sense tell you? It is not a big secret that in the lifetime of this generation, usual energy such as oil, natural gas and coal will be exhausted. Electricity also will go down to scarce supply. As alternative solutions, scientists propose solar, wind and other renewable energies, but with incredible stubbornness, they ignore the most affordable one: the power of universal gravitation. Gravitation is the one solution capable of providing the required amount of energy at a lesser price. Unfortunately, the idea itself is so discredited that no PhD dares to talk about it, not at least publicly. The concept of this invention is employment of a downwards moving object to produce electricity. There is nothing new in this idea, and as everyone before me, I encountered the same problem: lifting the object takes far more energy.
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  • marcus2of10's Avatar
    29th Sep '15, 03:21
    What may be part of the confusion is the 0 with a slash "/" through it in those callouts. In many CAD drawings that is the symbol for Diameter, not a zero.
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  • countrdz's Avatar
    29th Sep '15, 01:31
    Hey guys, recently we purchased a S-160 CN II Shinwa Seiki, but it comes without any manuals. We are going to start this machine but i will need the electrical drawings, so, does anybody have any information about this machine? any information will help me. Thanks.
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  • thorq's Avatar
    28th Sep '15, 20:09
    This is the exact reason for opening this thread, to get some discussion going around those issues and learn from it. I have found the following solution, also employed by industrial robots: It just seem too complex for what I want. In search for a solution to avoid such defavourable positions I have sketched another linkage, link here. If my aapproach would work, I could obtain roughly 80% of the diameter at the black dot/pin. But the full range of motion of the solution in the video would be just huge. However, the complexity it requires is beyond what I want.
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  • SunilG's Avatar
    28th Sep '15, 19:32
    Hello, I am Sunil, a Mechanical Design Engineer. Machinery and its working was always a thing of fascination for me. This prompted me to take up Mechanical Engineering and further concentrate on Designing and Development. I worked as a Design engineer in R&D of Premier Automobiles, Mumbai for almost 18 years. After that, I started my own consultancy and designed many products, SPM, jigs and fixtures for many clients. Besides this, I also took up some online designing projects. Presently, I am busy designing new and unique products and it gives me immense satisfaction to put my knowledge to practical use. After Mumbai and Pune, I am currently residing in Kerala. I hope to make good contacts and friends through this forum.
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    28th Sep '15, 18:20
    If you extend the length of the arm/arms so that they never have to reach a vertical orientation, wouldn't that be the easiest solution? Also, your drawing indicates that you want to achieve 180 degrees of rotation, and that's a very bad idea for this type of mechanism, particularly if you wish it to be reciprocal in motion, as you've indicated. Have you given any thought to the forces and frictions that would affect your design if the direction of rotation was reversed when the mechanism was in a state similar to the middle of the five images? If this design had to act against any (or even no form of) load in that state, it would probably tear itself apart... Essentially, there would be an ejection force applied to the black dot (pin etc) on your image, but over 50 or so degrees, the friction it works against can be looked at as increasing exponentially per 10 degrees (close enough..) As the black dot reaches ever closer to the center line, this is more accurately...
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  • Patent attorney engineer's Avatar
    28th Sep '15, 07:52
    Hi there, My top three tips: Firstly, keep the invention confidential until an effective patent application is filed. It sounds pretty basic, but you would be surprised how many people get it wrong. It is permissible to confidentially discuss your invention with others, and of course it's best to have some proof of that confidentiality. Ideally that proof would be in the form of a formal confidentiality agreement (aka Non-Disclosure Agreement). Secondly, find a good patent attorney that you can work with. There is a world of difference between filing a patent application and filing an effective patent application. There is a lot more to getting a patent that filing a patent application - you will be starting a long term business relationship. Thirdly, prepare a business plan. Even the best prepared patent application will not make you money by itself. In fact it will cost (a lot of) money. Take the time to think it through and make an informed investment decision before...
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