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  • Erich's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:54
    Since your part is a custom machined part, I would create your diamond tread shapes as real geometry on your part. Then I would make a detail view of a typical pattern and dimension that on the drawing. By creating real geometry, the machinist can use his CAM program to extract the exact shape you want. If your part were created from a sheet of standard diamond plate material I might use a decal since I am not controlling the shape of the diamonds and the decal will result in smaller file sizes.
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  • UDAY KULKARNI's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:51
    Hi Gareth I am pleased to join the group and looking forward for a very fruitful association. Regards UDAY KULKARNI
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  • UDAY KULKARNI's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:47
    UDAY KULKARNI replied to a thread Hello in Pop in and say hello!
    Dear IesG Please feel to share with me your tech experience and what issue on topics mentioned by you want to discuss. Regards Uday
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  • UDAY KULKARNI's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:20
    Hello I have joined the group as an experiences designer. (33 years). I am looking forward to share my knowledge and learn new things from young friends. Best Regards Uday
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  • guitarpirate's Avatar
    29th Jul '14, 20:17
    Hello, I am designing a part on the surface of which I want to put several custom-looking diamond tread patterns, partly for cosmetics (priority 1) and partly to increase friction (priority 2, less important). The part will be touching the ground on that side, and if the weight is put on it a certain way I would like the treads to dig in to resist slipping. I am working in Inventor 2015, and I know both SolidWorks and Inventor have custom materials you can apply to make a surface look like diamond tread. In my case the tread has a fairly unique custom shape so I need specific dimensions to define it for the manufacturer. Now my question is, has anyone done something like this before and how is it best to handle such a design feature? For instance, is it best to include it into the drawing as geometry, or include a picture as a decal and tell the manufacturer I want it to look like diamond tread but with specific modifications, or do some manufacturers have their own...
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  • ddawgnd's Avatar
    29th Jul '14, 02:41
    Hi everyone, I have a question but I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask.... Anyway, I'm currently in the Air National Guard and looking to have my CCAF (Associates degree) in aerospace maintenance by the end of the year. I am also going to start an engineering graphics program at a technical school in January. My question is, and totally based on opinion, would there be any benefit using these two degrees in conjunction with eachother when applying for a CAD/drafting job in the aerospace or mechanical engineering industry? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance, Nick
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  • lesG's Avatar
    28th Jul '14, 21:52
    lesG started a thread Hello in Pop in and say hello!
    Hello, I m a young design engineer in the R&D in the automotive industry from germany. I have 3 years professional experience in power train and shock absorber (chassis). I would like to exchange experience and discuss about tech. topics. Regards, lesg
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  • Jfanning's Avatar
    28th Jul '14, 14:36
    Hey guys, this is my first post and I was curious to see what you guys thought about where I might fit into a job in the next year. I'm gonna describe what I study so you guys can give me a good sense of where I stand. Thank you. I am currently going into my senior year at a well known State school in New Hampshire. I always enjoyed the mechanical aspects of things and even the engineering that follows into it but I never went forward into a engineering major. Honestly, I thought I was going into Business like the rest of my siblings but I knew I wanted to do something different. As I graduated HS, I fell in love with this school in NH and a major that is almost 8 years old and becoming very popular. Its called Sustainable Product Design & Innovation. Its a great major with aspects of mechanical engineering, industrial design, environmental studies and even business. We even have a 2 year old, brand new building with all new equipment from CNC machinery, 3D printers and high tech...
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  • Tbread's Avatar
    28th Jul '14, 07:16
    Actually, i wanted to be a tuner.
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  • SOCrouse's Avatar
    28th Jul '14, 04:59
    LinkedIn recommended joining some professional organizations to increase one's desirability. *This was a link I chose because the name matched my objective.
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  • SOCrouse's Avatar
    28th Jul '14, 04:45
    Greetings all, Thanks to Gareth for his lead in making this site happen. I'm from central TN, USA, with a 22 yr gap on my 6 yrs at Boeing as leader of a control surface Design/Build Team. *It's been challenging reconnecting: any good suggestions are humbly welcome. Best to everyone, Stephen
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    27th Jul '14, 17:46
    The one you use every day....
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    27th Jul '14, 17:41
    Hi, Basically, you get what you pay for (unless it's pirate software, but please don't do that...) Personally, the most important consideration is that the software is intuitive - I've used lots of programs that simply didn't work for me, owing to little niggles. Things like the Icon image/descriptor not being clear, or the simple fact that I want the mouse wheel to zoom the image in when I scroll it towards me. If you're relatively new to any CAD package, you'll have enough obstacles to overcome, without the program putting virtual 'roadblocks' in front of you every step of the way. So, despite all the gripes I have with SolidWorks, it would still be my No.1 choice. It's very intuitive, versatile and powerful. If you're designing home appliances I'd imagine that you will require good sheet metal tools, and SW is very good at this.
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  • Martin1's Avatar
    27th Jul '14, 15:36
    The best 3D solid modeller is the one that you feel most comfortable using; in the past I used SDRC which was better than Pro-E for surfacing but not as good as Unigraphics, I used Pro-E for awhile but liked Solidworks better, for 2D I always came back to AutoCad and Draftsight (a free 2D download SolidWorks program). It doesn't matter what program you use if the company you work for selects it it's the overall cost and politics that determins the software. :rolleyes:
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  • devrimcars's Avatar
    26th Jul '14, 23:02
    1-devrim car 2-digger 3-world war 2 war planes 4-automatic furnitures like working with buttons 5-submarine
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  • CPPMable's Avatar
    26th Jul '14, 16:52
    Hi, How much do you have budgeted? What key features are you looking for from both 3d and 2D? Parametric relations, rendering, ect
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  • PRIYA DHAN's Avatar
    24th Jul '14, 15:41
    Hi, I am a mechanical engineer. Designing is my passion. On the basis of my experienced, I found that for 2D, auto cad is the best friendly software. In case of 3D software, there are many software like catia, pro-e, solid work, auto desk inventor. I found that pro-e is the most friendly software. It is also easy. But catia is most effective software. It has many option. In catia, tasks are distributed is well manure. There are many tasks we can in catia. Like surface modeling, part deign, assembly design, drafting, kinematic.many things. There is also macro in catia. So, I prefer to learn catia. If you need any help regarding catia, you can contact with me at my email address
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  • justinadams's Avatar
    24th Jul '14, 10:19
    Searching for the jobs in melbourne is very difficult.. When I shifted to melbourne, it took very long time to get the good job here.. It seems you have a good experience in mechanical engineering.. So, it may be easy for you to search for job..
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  • Melissa's Avatar
    24th Jul '14, 00:37
    I'm from Trinidad and Tobago
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  • drafting's Avatar
    23rd Jul '14, 11:17
    Truth be told, a great deal of 3d displaying programming is moderately useful for designer.if you do the structural configuration, and I think you can choose the creo,but i need to say focused around your organization items qualities to choose the best outline programming!
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  • v_h_memar's Avatar
    22nd Jul '14, 11:48
    Hi there I have designed a structure about 25 ton and I want to do stress relief on it, because of large length of welding joint. I can do Vibrating stress relief and Ultrasonic stress relief. but I want to know which method is better for this structure and I want to know advantage and disadvantage for each method. thanks in advance Regards Vahid
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  • Koenraad's Avatar
    21st Jul '14, 12:10
    Wauw ok, thanks for the recommendations :-). I should have said I'm used to the metric system. So I'm not sure if I'm going to buy Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design, Machinery's Handbook. I'll look into it at the beginning of August. That's when I'll be done with my exams and will have a bit more time for research. I'll look into to quicktol and make it fit as well. Thanks again, Koenraad
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  • austinr's Avatar
    21st Jul '14, 05:55
    Hi, I have no exact answer of your Question. Still I have some steps how to Create Curved Text in Autodesk Inventor, you can follow here: 1.Create an arc normally as if it were part of your drawing. 2.Click the "Sketch" tab, then the "Draw" panel and then "Geometry Text." 3.Select the arc to which you want the text to align. The Geometry Text dialog box appears. 4.Enter the text you want and make any formatting modifications using the tools in the dialog box. 5.Click "Update" to make the text appear in the sketch. If you're happy with it, click "OK," or click "Select" to select another arc to create more curved text.
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  • Barbarian's Avatar
    19th Jul '14, 18:30
    Column Shaft separately, capital separate model just like the real thing. Render Keyshot Black marble with custom texture and gold ornaments. The side frame for the trex is 5 mm it should be able to support the frame I think thats what manual gave half a cm.
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  • Lochnagar's Avatar
    19th Jul '14, 13:59
    You might find it cheaper to buy an air reservoir - than design your own for your company - so please take your pick from the links below. Hope this helps.
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