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  • Dovile's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:05
    Senior Structural Engineer and Structural EngineerAre you interested in working with highly technical tasks within structural disciplines? And doing this together with colleagues who are the best within their field? Then keep on reading, since we have some challenging structural offshore projects, which will ensure your development in this area. Detail design, reassessment of offshore steel jackets and riser systems You play an important part in strengthening the marine structures department within global analyses and especially design and re-analysis of offshore steel jackets and riser systems. As part of this you will be responsible for reassessment as well as concept and design studies of main and secondary offshore structures. You are used to work independently within the field and will bring new knowledge to the department and will also act as a coach/mentor for junior employees, typically 1-3 colleagues at the time. In your mentoring role you will primarily focus on design and...
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  • armored cortex's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:42
    Here are a few more renders and some other models.
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  • armored cortex's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:39
    I dont think there is any danger with a cad model. I plan on going through all of the proper channels before I have any components manufactured.
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    20th Oct '14, 17:58
    I hope you've got a license for that... ? Otherwise, if you're making a prototype of it, and you've just told the world, some serious (and heavily armed) people will be knocking on your door very loudly, and very soon...:eek:
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  • Strider's Avatar
    20th Oct '14, 13:02
    To answer the question, Wildfire 5.0/Elements came after WF4.0. Then came Creo 2.0 and as of last Friday Creo 3.0 (beta version has been out for a few months already).
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  • Strider's Avatar
    20th Oct '14, 13:01
    Pin constraints have been part of "foundation" ProE since at least WF4. I'm on Creo3.0 and it's still there.
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  • Strider's Avatar
    20th Oct '14, 12:43
    The force will change depending on the extension of the links. As they become extended they'll put out more force (or the handle will require less force to turn if pushing a consistent load). You will need the pitch of the threads (angle of the applied load), the diameter of the crank (handle), length of links, as well as the force applied to the crank.
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  • armored cortex's Avatar
    19th Oct '14, 02:58
    Hello, My name is Carlos and Im new to this forum. I am a self taught 3d designer with aspirations to work in the defense industry. I am currently working on building a prototype of a remote weapon station. Im currently working on making cad models of the guns that the rws will use, and will move onto the rws frame once the guns are complete.
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 17:46
    I'd love to help, but unfortunately I've forgotten everything I ever learned about Maths, Laws and education... In all seriousness, I can genuinely understand your obsession with such a project, and please take the following advice as genuinely well intentioned - if you don't even understand Newtons 1st and 3rd laws of motion, then you cannot expect to begin to remotely understand the issues at play which make the device 'almost' work. This is very basic and more importantly, fundamental, physics. It's a fact - these forces are at play in every single millisecond of our lives, and they have been proven by a googleplex of instances. Nature is fundamentally lazy - expressed differently, water always finds the path of least resistance. As designers, all that we fundamentally do is to mimic Nature in one respect or another, and Nature has not yet managed to summon up 'free' energy. Do you accept that gravity is real? Did the apple make your head hurt? I'm sure you do. ...
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  • Barbarian's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 17:30
    Give me email or email me I have ton of Cad drawings for you steam engines rc turbines etc I will give them to you
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 15:35
    Yes, my comment does appear to be somewhat out of context, doesn't it? For some unknown reason, the site posted it where it did, instead of as a reply to your post regarding the container sized 'cold fusion' units now available, which is what I was actually replying to. The point I was attempting to make is that unscientific trial and error is always a recipe for disaster. Apply that context, and then use it or don't use it - your choice...
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  • Paul T's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 15:24
    K.I.S.S. you have gone right off track there dude. Right folks..... lets get back to basics. Forget maths, laws and anything you have been taught in education. Lets stick to things we have felt and seen with our own eyes and hands so we don't get clouded here. If you balance a metal bar, lets say 1m in length on your finger, does the falling speed increase as you move your finger away from the center of balance.
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  • micha's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 14:10
    Hey, hope someone here can help. I have scanned a page from a book which I need to get printed, only problem is that the scanned file is not big enough, it need to be blown up about 50 %. Is there any way to do that without losing too much quality? Its mainly text with a couple of line illustrations.
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  • micha's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 14:01
    Wow didnt realise there were people from so many countries here. Awesome! — London, UK
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  • pipingstress's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 11:56 .....
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  • pipingstress's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 11:55 .....
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  • pipingstress's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 11:53 .....
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  • pipingstress's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 11:52
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  • pipingstress's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 11:51
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  • Dave I's Avatar
    18th Oct '14, 09:57
    Hello Everyone, I seen this place pop up on LinkedIn, so, Just thought be better to Join my first Mechanical Design Forum, as have Designed plenty of Machines in the past, and have Ideas of working Models too. Anyhow, I have known how to use Computers since about the beginning of this Century (2000),
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    17th Oct '14, 17:11
    This is a two part article that's written with the novice or beginner designer/inventor in mind. The intent of this first article is to hopefully guide you through some of the various minefields that you'll encounter, and to also look at the major challenges that any design has to face – from conceptualization to the realistic possibility of your idea being put into production. The second article will cover the pros and cons of different manufacturing technologies that are available to you, both for prototyping and production. In this first article we'll explore how you, as the novice designer/inventor, can help to facilitate this process, so let's get started... What's the difference between an idea and a design?
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  • Khadija Ouajjani's Avatar
    17th Oct '14, 15:00
    While it is easy to find rich, interesting analyses on the way finance companies, law offices and software labs’ inner processes are conducted, little is known about the insides of factories, industrial companies or R&D departments in the mechanical engineering sector. At MDF, we are eager to initiate the public and future mechanical engineers into our domain and give a clearer image of what goes on within our offices. One of the most common questions we get is “how do we design machines?” The truth is that it is a very broad question. The theoretical pattern is of course common for all the industries (defining requirements, V-process, specs, documents, etc.) but every industry has some specific rules and processes to meet its unique specifications. In this article, we will introduce you to the mechanical design process within the automotive industry. Step 1: A need arises In mechanical design engineering, a need is defined as a requirement.
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  • jmathas's Avatar
    17th Oct '14, 05:18
    CAD Designers with current or prior experience designing electric guitars. This project involves creating production ready files based on my original designs and requires signing my NDA. Cad files (.dwg and .dxf.) will be used in CNC output. I can provide a sample source file which you must match the file requirements using my original design. Payment will be based on completing the project, not an hourly wage. This is an opportunity for ongoing work for the right designer.
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  • Nikolaos's Avatar
    17th Oct '14, 02:19
    Hello from Greece!!!
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  • Dovile's Avatar
    16th Oct '14, 15:07
    We are looking for a self-motivated professional R&D Manager to join this successful team working within the catering equipment (dishwashers / glasswashers) industry. Our existing product range is well established and accepted within the market place and yet we still have many opportunities to develop the existing range and introduce new products that will bring us greater success in the future. Our existing product range is electromechanical in design, although we are presently exploring the introduction of electronics into the next generation of machines. For this reason candidates will be expected to have a broad engineering background and an understanding of electronics would be a advantage. Being part of a small team this position will have a direct influence of all aspects of the product through conception, detailed design, manufacture, testing and customer satisfaction. The position of R&D manager reports to the Technical Director and sits alongside the...
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  • OH BOON HOW's Avatar
    16th Oct '14, 03:25
    Hi guys, I am Sam from Singapore!
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