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  • tomcatonnet99's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:07
    further to the above: I'm thinking of a cam(pin) on the motor shaft which also bears the takeup bobbin. the pin cam I envisage turning a gear (A) one tooth for every turn of the bobbin, this gear to be meshed to another gear (B) A:B = 1:2 if e.g I use 1mm diameter magnet wire for the coil and the coil being 10mm long ( i.e 10 turns per layer) I am now clueless as to whether I could use a scotch yolk (for the linear reciprocating action ) to control the guide that feeds wire to the bobbin from the stock spool. Also this is where I need tech advice:
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  • Witsel007's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:51
    Hi Lauren Tyndall, Nice post, what is the main difference between normal paint and 3D paint !
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  • Witsel007's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:28
    How I can analysis my business competitors?? How they are finding competitor's visitor source??
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  • tomcatonnet99's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:35
    I'm trying to make my own automatic coil winding machine. the problem I'm facing is that of even coil winds ( for a given diameter of magnet wire ) whats the best setup for a variable pitch reciprocal linear feed to the takeup coil.. ( purely mechanical solution requried) thanks
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  • Erich's Avatar
    19th Aug '14, 22:18
    check these out
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  • Dovile's Avatar
    18th Aug '14, 22:00
    Applications are welcome from less experienced candidates seeking career development who fulfil the essential criteria for the role attracting a salary of up to £35k pa. Do you want to help shape the future of the world`s energy? Nuclear fusion, the process that powers The Sun, can play a big part in our carbon-free energy future. The Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) is part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and is one of the world`s leading fusion research laboratories. Our scientists and engineers are working with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of clean energy for tomorrow`s power stations. We are currently looking to recruit an experienced Mechanical Engineer to initiate, develop and analyse mechanical designs within some of our most technically challenging projects. You will be an integral part of a dynamic team of engineers and analysts. You will be intimately involved with mechanical design and analysis and you will work...
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  • brads's Avatar
    18th Aug '14, 14:01
    Hello John, Thank you for your reply; I missed it all those months ago. As an updated, I had already tried the steps you highlighted above and it made no difference or made it worse. However I have now solved the problem. I downloaded a different version of the driver. It was one recent enough to be supported by SolidWorks 2014 but not so recent that I had issues. From what I can gather from the versions of the program I downloaded the Space Explorer must have changed about a year ago and it now has different buttons to mine which I guess is 4 years old. I did contact 3D connexion who after 2 weeks advised I could change what each of the buttons do from a drop down menu. Quite funny.
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  • draftingautocad's Avatar
    18th Aug '14, 07:20
    Really great article. One of the issues we've had with new specialists leaving a few schools is that they're totally in the advanced world and don't understand how parts, machines, outlines, and so forth are really not indistinguishable to what's on their machine simulation.yeah, I concur with you about the admired models. I don't recollect being tought truly about lapse proliferation or tolerance stacking. I got some answers concerning it really quick, however, when it was time to fabricate an instrument I intended for one of my employments.
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  • navada_do's Avatar
    18th Aug '14, 04:33
    Hello, Thousand of trade publications are waiting for you here, simply filling form and forever lifetime download. Trade magazines Look at the manufacturing categories, there is much to read.
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  • SOCrouse's Avatar
    17th Aug '14, 21:29
    Greetings Martin, I just wanted to give a public "great" to you. Those of us who are lacking without the input of others, are greatly appreciative of those of you who want to fill that gap. *I also believe a chief objective of this forum is to fulfill that. One of the ways that occurs is what we are doing now. *Fostering dialogue, showing concern, providing solutions, promoting objectivity, are encouraging major tools. Though I'm not sure how it occurs, generating feature articles, may be another outlet for your knowledge.
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  • SOCrouse's Avatar
    17th Aug '14, 21:03
    Greetings Muhammad. As continuing education after a 20 year absence, I reviewed your problem of a few months ago. *By now you've no doubt moved on to other things. *However, the resolution would be of interest if you would chronicle it. Notwithstanding, concerning the problem I'm no expert, but it looks like unfinished work. *If it were I, backtracking to the source if possible would give the answer. *In lieu of that, subject the information you do have to the 3F (form, fit, and function) requirements, and generate an adequate design and print (drafting). This is a good problem for those of us who are green (as we say here in the USA), because as my earlier undergraduate Statics instructor told us: your greatest tool as an engineer is communication. *I would add that it is one of the general rules of life, applicable to all work. Finally, I hope the following link is of some primitive help.*
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  • UsamaHameed's Avatar
    16th Aug '14, 17:30
    Hello peeps! I was wondering if MATLAB can be helpful for Mechanical Engineers? I am in my junior year and was going to take MATLAB tutorials. So, I thought some professional opinions should be taken first. :):):)
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  • tomcatonnet99's Avatar
    16th Aug '14, 06:04
    Hi, I am a novice to this field so am hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I have designed a foam cutter with swivelling wooden arms running in a channel in a fixed wooden arm. Currently using a sort of a flanged nut and bolt with washer to connect the arms but that makes the swivel action either too stiff or too loose and has a bit of play in it... how best do I connect the swivel arms please ( I am looking for a cost effective and yet an acceptable level of near play free and smooth swivel action) dimensions : each wooden arm is 3cm wide x 1cm deep (thickness)
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  • Witsel007's Avatar
    16th Aug '14, 05:54
    Hello experts, Sometimes I worked on my own pictures, but would love to add glamour touch in my photos. But I don't know from where I should start! I am using Photoshop CS6, can you help me for doing glamour touch???
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  • Abu Umama's Avatar
    15th Aug '14, 08:19
    I am from Pakistan and live in the port city of Karachi
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  • seandavidson's Avatar
    14th Aug '14, 21:49
    Hi everyone, I am an Industrial Design student working on a robotics project and have run into a bit of a wall whilst designing one of my components. I am building a turntable that has an inner suction cup that rotates independently within a work surface. The suction cup will be attached to a continuously rotating servo via a shaft, so the problem I am facing is that I need to run a hose to the suction cup up through the shaft, and the hose cannot become tangled while the shaft is rotating. So basically what I am looking for is a hollow shaft with an independently rotating nipple that I can run a hose to. Is there anyone here that has seen such a thing, or know of a better option? Thanks so much,
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  • Kamile's Avatar
    14th Aug '14, 21:45
    Aerospace Redhill, Surrey Permanent ⁄ £55000 - £65000 As Lead Engineer of the Product Engineering team, reporting to the Technical Director,you will oversee new product design, development and validation testing for all our seating products. Technical problem solving. Co-ordinating build and test of assemblies and seats for development testing and evaluation. Test article BOM & drawing definition and output for development testing. Supplier development & technical support interface (capability, processes, materials selection etc.). Post seat delivery technical product support and problem solving. The role will consist of; • To lead a team of engineers and to be technically responsible for the products that you and your team are engineering. • To ensure that engineering tasks and projects adhere to programme timings and to the right quality. • Provide technical guidance and co-ordination to the design team and to have...
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  • Fred Tolmie's Avatar
    14th Aug '14, 18:39
    FrederickTolmie. Draftsman,Designer, Mechanical Engineer. ExecutiveSummary: My employment as a senior draftsman and product designerwith such luminaries as Shakespeare Marine Electronics, McDonnellDouglas Astronautics and the Harris Corporation led to joiningRockwell Collins (then, Rockwell International) as a senior designer,and for extraordinary performance promoted to senior engineer. Afterappointment as Rockwell’s Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing(GDT) leader, membership in the American Society of MechanicalEngineers (ASME) and during my work for the ASME Y14.41 committee, myexperience-based capabilities expanded to include fabricationpractices, producibility studies and first article inspectionmethods. This spanning of the domains provisioned me to be anexceptionally practical-minded and highly appreciated GDT educatorwhile I created and contributed to company, national andinternational standards for design engineering practices....
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  • odinmould's Avatar
    14th Aug '14, 08:58
    I‘m from China :D -- Frank
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  • RJNEngineering's Avatar
    13th Aug '14, 14:24
    Do you have experience in the power generation sector including designing power and distribution transformers? I have a permanent opportunity with a growing manufacturing organisation based in West Yorkshire. Excellent salary and benefits available for the right candidate. Please the link below for more information or call me on 01785 318426 or email Mechanical Design Engineer - Transformers RJN Engineering Selection act as an employment agency in relation to this vacancy
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