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  • pcm's Avatar
    Today, 17:24
    We are getting ready to bring our first product to market. We are located in the Southeast USA. It is a wearable device that needs to be over-molded for the purposes of water resistance. We are open to discussion on whether we use a two part urethane siicone or something like TechnoMelt. We are having a horrible time finding a company that is repsonsive or that will follow through. We are looking for recommendations on solid companies that have a great track record of under-promising and over-delivering. Is there ANYBODY out there whe has had exceptioanl experiences ? Thank you.
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  • Bishal Chaurasiya's Avatar
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  • barg's Avatar
    Today, 14:42
    The ratio is: Number of ring gear teeth / Number of sun gear teeth +1 The number of planet gear teeth = (Number of ring gear teeth - Number of sun gear teeth)/2 I hope this helps.
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  • jeannedavies's Avatar
    Today, 11:52
    Really great sharing thanks for all of you
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  • Injiniir's Avatar
    Today, 01:01
    let us know how that goes because i'm not very optimist on the whole thing.
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  • Injiniir's Avatar
    Today, 00:54
    There is this large cold storage facility which has floor heaving problem due to freeze and ice formation in the moisture in the soil below freezer. The floor consists of one layer of concrete, one layer of insulation, and earth. there is glycol heating system below the insulation but for some reason it is too deep. it warms up about one foot. above that is a layer where freeze and thaw happens. any thought about it? what do you think is the best solution and why? taking the concrete and insulation out and putting a vapor barrier layer is too expensive. electric probes also consume a lot of energy.
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  • tajudeen_t's Avatar
    Today, 00:06
    Hi apozin, I hold Higher National Diploma and Post graduate diploma in mechanical engineering. I have done several work with autocad and inventor. Please find attached link to my profile as a freelancer My email is Thanks
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  • Injiniir's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:21
    I have this cold storage with 6" insulation under a layer of concrete floor. Below that is the dirt that needs to be heated. The customer doesn't like glycol or probes drilled in at equal distances. Another idea is conduit blowing air . Any other idea?
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  • AdiH10's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:45
    Hi I need to apply Anti Reflection coating on front LCD protective glass that have a requirement for Blowing Sand per MIL-STD-810F Method 510.4 Proc. II. I guess any helicopter's glass or FLIR have this kind of coating. Does anyone have information about it? I'm using AR coating a lot but it doesn't comply this requirement.
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  • thorq's Avatar
    3rd May '16, 21:15
    That's actually smart advise, thanks. I haven't considered those bits, I am quite unfamiliar with them but I remember seeing them somewhere... Regards.
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  • spoonyboy's Avatar
    2nd May '16, 17:53
    Hi, I have to design a module like the one in the photo below : So, the module have two different finishes for the plastic. One part with mate black plastic and one part with glossy black plastic. I would like to know if I can make one single part for the housing and the 2 types of finishes will be realize during or after the molding process or if I have to make 2 different parts for each finishes and so find a way for assembling the 2 parts ? Thanks in advance !
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  • K.I.S.S.'s Avatar
    2nd May '16, 16:57
    To prevent the drill bit from doing any appreciable damage to the thread, you might also want to consider 'jobbing' bits - these have a limited flute length, and are designed to be more rigid than multi purpose bits. Of course, this depends on your material thickness and also the flexibility you have in your jig design as to whether you can stand it off sufficiently prior to the bit contacting the material.
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  • prephil's Avatar
    2nd May '16, 15:46
    Anyone use edrawings on iPad or a good alternative? Have tried eDrawings on an iPad 2 at work and an iPad Air at home and both unsuccessfully. iPad 2 is just outdated me thinks as it runs low on memory on large assemblies, actually not that large, even something as small as 10MB. eDrawings on iPad Air ain't much better. Have tried using 3D PDF RReader but 3D PDF files are huge. A 27MB solidworks assembly file goes to 170MB. Also tried AutoDesk360 but one needs to upload to their site online and then download to ipad so IP is sketchy.
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  • Paul61's Avatar
    30th Apr '16, 22:45
    I have used lots of products to do design work. I know lots of people seem to like t-splines and say they use it for production surfaces. Does anyone have any experience using it for production surfaces? Someone feel there is a better tool and shy? I would be interested in the pros/cons or any experiences. Before I spend lots of time learning a new tool - I would love to get people's opinion first.
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  • lgsp90's Avatar
    29th Apr '16, 01:08
    Check out clamp on drill guides from wolfcraft or other wood working tool companies. They are designed to drill dowel pin holes at a true 90 deg to the work surface.
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  • prephil's Avatar
    28th Apr '16, 23:25
    prephil started a thread eDrawins on iPad in SolidWorks
    Anyone use edrawings on ipad. Have tried on an iPad 2 and an iPad Air unsuccessfully on both. iPad 2 is just outdated me thinks as it runs low on memory. eDrawings iPad Air ain't much better however. Have also tried using 3D PDF RReader but 3D PDF files are huge. A 27MB solidworks assembly file goes to 170MB. Also tried AutoDesk360 but one needs to upload to their site online and then download to ipad so IP is sketchy.
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  • jstrom1472's Avatar
    28th Apr '16, 21:26
    Hello, I am new to the forum. I'm in the US, down in the bayou, Louisiana. I currently work as a mechanical engineer (EIT) doing project work for clients in the oil, gas, and chemical industries.
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  • jstrom1472's Avatar
    28th Apr '16, 21:19
    I am a mechanical engineer (EIT) with 3 years of experience in the petro-chem industry. My focus has been mainly on piping, hot taps, and heat exchangers. Recently I got to review the design for some ammonia converters for a client of my current employer. I am looking for a job in maintenance, reliability, or mechanical integrity at a plant in the Baton Rouge or surrounding area in Louisiana. If you would like a copy of my resume please respond with your email address. I have profiles on LinkedIn and Beyond, links in my signature.
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  • Dovile's Avatar
    28th Apr '16, 20:13
    Työn kuvaus: We are looking for a gifted individual to join our clients global company. With interesting new tasks, excellent resources and supportive emploeyr, it's an ideal environment for a candidate wanting to challenge and develop skills and expertise. The position will be filled as soon as the right candidate is found. Work is located in Jyväskylä, Finland. Toivomme sinulta:
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  • Dana's Avatar
    28th Apr '16, 16:26
    Use a "real" drill bushing, from somebody like Carr-Lane, or make one from solid steel stock. Not only are hardware store coupling nuts fairly soft, but threaded holes don't tend to be particularly accurate.
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  • poolboyone's Avatar
    28th Apr '16, 13:39
    Dunno where to put this but GUYS! Just saw this amazing video where a Simba S7 plays artistic pool. Apparently former pool pro Niclas Bergendorff was used as an expert when making this. What do you think: Real??
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  • shammi's Avatar
    28th Apr '16, 10:30
    Immediate requirement for Design Engineers. People who are willing to relocate to Bangalore,please go through it Position Description Title : Engineer – Design Reports to : Team Leader – Design
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  • agarwalsanu46's Avatar
    27th Apr '16, 18:22
    Hello everyone M new to this group
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  • SHRJOBS's Avatar
    27th Apr '16, 16:02
    Career Opportunity: Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (Confidential) in Cincinnati, OH Do you excel at designing mechanical systems? Do you know Food System industry requirements inside and out? Do you thrive at bringing new products to life? If this is you, we have a great opportunity. This position will be involved in the development and design of an array of mechanical systems by creating 2D and 3D mechanical CAD designs consisting of custom designed sheet metal and plastic parts as well as various other manufactured and commercial mechanical and electrical components. This position will focus on development of products and equipment in the food service industry. Works closely with engineers, group support staff, and suppliers, while taking the lead in helping to transform ideas and concepts into working prototypes, SolidWorks models and detail part drawings for the production of parts and assemblies that meet requirements for quality, functionality & cost. ...
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  • vinhphoi's Avatar
    26th Apr '16, 02:40
    Hello Everyboody. I use ANSYS APDL with code for my shaft with two coating layers(interlayer and coating layer). I already analysis stress of shaft with Ansys. the result is ok and i exported to .RST file. But , when i input my shaft to Ncode, I can't find the interlayer and coating layers.I think this shaft have 3 part(subtrate, interlayer, coating layer) !substrate materials Young's modulus (Mpa): 2.1e5 Poisson's ratios:0.3 Density(ton/mm3):8.03e-9 ! interlayer material Young's modulus (Mpa): 3,2e5
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  • Bob_S's Avatar
    25th Apr '16, 16:21
    SolidWorks is now undergoing 'Package-Creep'. Visualize? EXTRA MBD? EXTRA No doubt it will continue as Dassault's EU approach of giving less for more cash will continue. Whether this will translate into more sales is a moot point - one of the problems Autodesk got into was the additional modules cost more than the base package so nobody updated. Eventually you'll get so far behind, the licence will cost a fortune to update, so end-users consider keeping the old system for legacy, and changing the CAD/CAM system for one that will do the job.
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  • Binu's Avatar
    24th Apr '16, 14:40
    Hello Dear, I am working on a problem for which I am not getting enough ideas to solve the problem in the best way as I am not from mechanical background. Imagine, I have a link 'A', and one end of the link 'a1' is pivoted to z-axis so that this link can revolve around z-axis. There is another link 'B', parallel to z-axis (i.e. perpendicular to link 'A' ), and one end of this link 'b1' is connected to 'a2' (the other end of link 'A') using some kind of joint so that link 'B' can rotate around virtual axis perpendicular to link 'A' passing through 'a2'. Please refer the attached flash video (link 'A' is of color Blue and link 'B' is of color Red). You can also see in this video that I have further restricted the rotation of link 'B' but that is not very relevant. My problem is, what kind of joint should I make between link 'A' and link 'B' so that link 'B' can be detatched easily just by applying manual force by hand, like...
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  • rahulpeter's Avatar
    23rd Apr '16, 12:41
    We are specialized in offering various CAD drafting services and CAD drawing at affordable price. we are the one of the leading CAD drafting services provider offering range of high quality and cost effective.
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  • iamcadguy's Avatar
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