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  • Dovile's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:49
    Would you like to be a part of the nation’s most complex and high profile maritime projects? At BAE Systems we currently have vacancies for Mechanical Engineers to work across a number of projects. As one of our mechanical engineers, you could get to work on the Type 45 Destroyers, Type 26 Frigates and the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers. You will develop and utilise your engineering expertise within a highly skilled team, supported by experts in areas such as power and propulsion, auxiliary systems, and HVAC. We currently have vacancies for a range of levels within the team, so whether you are newly qualified with a small amount of experience within your field, or if you are a highly experienced, chartered engineer, you will be able to find your perfect role. Your main responsibilities as a Mechanical Engineer will involve:
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  • vietnam manpower's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:35
    Are you in need of skilled welders, but your budget doesn’t allow you to pay more? Are you seeking out for unskilled welders who are willing to learn, diligent and responsible? Are you looking for welding workers with hard work, high work ethics? If so, they should be welding workers from VMST.
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  • CPPMable's Avatar
    3rd Sep '15, 20:50
    Definitely make sure you do the upfront leg work to make sure no other similar patent exists. This is a giant pain and we generally always hire it out. The language and description of the item is very very critical. I always try and get one or two people who have no clue anything about the product/design to read the patent description and try and draw up and explain the design. It is very easy for one or two critical words to be taken in another context and if any litigation takes place can make you loose. I have been on both sides of this occurrence and it gets quite picky. If it is a product that will be worth significant money definitely get a patent lawyer involved they have a ton of experience with this.
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  • TheyCallMeCy's Avatar
    1st Sep '15, 18:05
    I've read a few articles online but research that goes into developing a patent needs to be so thorough that I figured I'd ask some people who have probably been through it. This isn't my first rodeo either but I haven't registered for a lot of patents and I'm afraid I'm forgetting to dot my i's so to speak. Can anyone share any words of wisdom or tips for a slightly green patent seeker?
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  • BlackBolt_2015's Avatar
    31st Aug '15, 07:32
    Hi everyone I'm trying to decide between the Computerized Architectural and Industrial Design AAS degree or the Mechanical Engineering Technology AAS degree. Here is the program description for both here on page 120
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  • chevyguy4321's Avatar
    29th Aug '15, 23:53
    Hello I am working on a design that incorporates a motor attached to a worm gearbox with 2 out put shafts. Each shaft than runs to a right angle gear box(1:1) which than runs to a rack and pinion setup. My question is if I want to determine the required torque to run the rack and pinion using the formula m*a*r=T, what radius should I use? The pinion will only be an inch in diameter. The right angle gearbox has bevel gears in it. Thank you in advance
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  • Blitz's Avatar
    29th Aug '15, 16:07
    Hi, I think this forum is better to discuss about cad software, but maybe somebody can help with cam software? I have new career opportunities from CNC operator/miller to CNC programer, so I need good learning resources to program milling machines. Maybe somebody knows good free books, video in torrents, youtube, or somewhere else? And what is good machining forum to discuss about this? Also I'm thinking about mechanical design position, I have bachelor degree in engineering too, so maybe somebody knows what is the best way and learning to become this? I know need a lot of knowledge, about materials, electronics, IT, pneumatics, hydraulics and etc., but also need practical experience and strong company for opportunities? Looking for help. Thanks :)
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  • BlackBolt_2015's Avatar
    29th Aug '15, 06:16
    Hello everyone I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post here but I'm looking for some information in regards to Mechanical Engineering or I should write more specifically Mechanical Engineering Technology. I'm currently looking at getting either the Computerized Architectural and Industrial Design – A.A.S. Degree or the Mechanical Engineering Technology A.A.S. Degree The programs I'm talking about are both listed on page 120 and page 124 on the link above. Now I'm trying to find out just what would my job prospects be for either of those A.A.S. Degrees that I listed above. I very much love to draw/sketch/illustrate and am a very creative/artistic detailed person. Yes I'm well aware that these fields are now mostly if not all done on computer and that it's also not the same as getting an art degree but I feel that I would really enjoy this area of work.
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  • jainsteels's Avatar
    28th Aug '15, 06:14
    You can buy easily hardox plates at jain steels corporation. Jain Steels Corporation is leading supplier and dealer of hardox plates in India.
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  • SHRJOBS's Avatar
    28th Aug '15, 01:57
    Career Opportunity: CAD/PLM Specialists Needed in Cincinnati, Ohio! Do you know CAD and/or PLM software systems? Are you an experienced software engineer or a CAD designer with software engineering skills? Are you looking to work directly with the end-customer? This diverse mix of skills is exactly what we are looking for. We want you to join our team! ITI provides engineering product data integration, interoperability, validation, and migration solutions, that enable more effective re-use and sharing of engineering product data throughout the lifecycle of the product. ITI has a long history of PLM/C3 vendor partnerships, along with direct relationships with major engineering and manufacturing customers in the aerospace, automotive, consumer goods/electronics, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and oil & gas industries ITI delivers results through effective technical project management, innovative solution development, and highly responsive customer interaction. ...
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  • digger2307's Avatar
    27th Aug '15, 22:14
    Contact SSAB directly.
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  • digger2307's Avatar
    27th Aug '15, 22:12
    1. An electric off-road bike 2. Gundam / Zoid style toy 3. CNC desktop mill 4. Automated can crusher/shredder 5. Fully functioning remote crane
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  • nina's Avatar
    27th Aug '15, 12:07
    Hi ,Callmecy We can do rapid ptotoype as small quantities ,Could you send drawing to me for quoting
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  • Cormac Gaffey's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 20:56
    Hey all I'm from Ireland, living in Dublin
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  • Cormac Gaffey's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 20:54
    Hey Cool site! Looking forward to getting on here more and more Cormac
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  • Cormac Gaffey's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 20:46
    Hi Nick, Just wondering if this job post is still available. I am currently in Ireland and looking to move to Barcelona so this would be an amazing opportunity at just the right moment. I am a mechanical engineer working in quality for a large multinational company but am looking to move back to my passion which is Parametric Modelling & Design. I have experience with Creo and Solidworks and have designed my own 3D printer (FDM). Would you consider me for this role? If so please give me a shout and I can send you on my resume or we can talk further about how I might fit into the role and into the company
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  • FernandoGarza's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 18:26
    To me, Quality means: 1 - A product that looks like it's not going to break and does not break with common usage. 2 - A product that does what the box says it does or what it's supposed to do. 3 - A product that it's easy to do what it's supposed to do without complications. 4 - A product that lasts longer than the guaranty (at least 50% more). 5 - A product that looks aesthetically pleasant and that looks like someone invested in good design.
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  • FernandoGarza's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 18:01
    Hi, I'm an Automation and Electronics Engineer that love Mechanical and Industrial Design, I've been working developing various products from the aesthetics to the actual mechanical design. Life has taken me through different fields of work, from Web Design, server administrator, php programmer, technical marketing director, product designer, product developer and now I'm working as a consultant developing LED lamps. I'm in charge of the entire aesthetic desing, thermal analysis and overall product completion. As you see I have acumulated a bit of knowledge in many fields but I'm always eager to learn something else. Right now I'm interested in making a master's degree in Mechanical Design at a mayor university in the USA and maybe a Doctorate, I'm also interested in space science and atrophysics. Oh and I also Own a Geek store in my home town. That's about it haha, I hope I can be of some use as some of the threads here have been for me.
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  • FernandoGarza's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 17:50
    I was looking for information on materials for extruded heat sinks and came up to a thread here, I got curious (as I always do) and started navigating through the threads, I love it, I wanted In.
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  • FernandoGarza's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 17:46
    Howdy there, I'm from México. Good to be in this forum, I think I can benefit from all the knowledge here and also share some of my unique Knowledge (as I'm always working in various fields).
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  • TheyCallMeCy's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 17:33
    I came across an article I found interesting so I figured I'd share. It involves a problem I was hitting with yellowing when working with clear plastics. I tend to overshear a bit which causes the yellowing issue when working with optical-grade clear polycarbonate. It looks like a new plasticating system was developed that should help out with yellowing if anyone else is experiencing that issue. It's supposed to stop black spots too but I've never seen that particular issue.
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  • vietnam manpower's Avatar
    25th Aug '15, 05:16
    Manufacturing manpower in Vietnam has been more qualified than ever before as a result of proper concern about the skill and experience development. Laborforce in this industry from Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST) has been the most qualified throughout Vietnam. We always implement rigorous recruitment processes to seek out the most proper ones for your company. Manufacturing employees we supply are varied from metalworking and electronic sector, textile and footwear, food and beverage, to machine operator and assembly. We dedicate to such a long range of worker supply. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us:
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  • Marnie Dorsey's Avatar
    23rd Aug '15, 13:15
    Hello there, I own a small bookstore and we just moved to a bigger space. Apparently we are in need for some system upgrade to get more organize and for faster transactions. Anybody here know or can recommend a company that offers system upgrades for a specific business needs?Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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  • Marnie Dorsey's Avatar
    23rd Aug '15, 13:09
    I like Samsung Note 4 more. It depends on how do you like your mobile phone to be. If you like top quality cameras then go with the unit with higher pixel. I think this might help.
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  • EngineEar's Avatar
    23rd Aug '15, 09:11
    Hi all, I joined yesterday, really like the idea of a forum dedicated to mechanical design. One thing, I submitted my first thread yesterday, which was delayed pending approval, I have since posted the same thread on a different forum, is it possible to cancel the thread, as I don't want to be spamming the forum?
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  • EngineEar's Avatar
    22nd Aug '15, 18:00
    My old Dell Precision M4400 (core2duo) has finally given up the ghost, so I’ve been researching putting a budget desktop build together. The old computer has crashed & corrupted hard drives on me too many times, so my emphasis on this build has been to put together a rock solid stable system on a limited budget. With that in mind I have opted for a modestly clocked Xeon and quite an expensive motherboard (although it is still half the price of an equivalent asus workstation motherboard). I expect it to be used in assemblies of up to 500 parts, maybe larger occasionally. Expect to be doing some drawing, but little to no rendering. Any feedback on the general build would be appreciated. I have already picked up the power supply & monitors on special offer, I hope to add another monitor at a later date when the budget allows. The Firepro W4100 has popped up in several forums with people having issues with it, have these now been resolved, or would I be better off going with an...
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  • vietnam manpower's Avatar
    22nd Aug '15, 08:52
    Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam we would like to introduce ourselves – Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading Joint Stock Company (VMST) as an emerging and trust worthy manpower company, located in the Hanoi, Vietnam We have been supplying all kinds of workers in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., QATAR, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, etc.), South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Russia, Japan, Algeria, etc. as per our client's requirements. Our service focus on providing manpower in the field of construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, agriculture and hospitality as well as other sub-division of manpower service In addition, we have also been equipped with modern training facility to ensure the qualification of the candidates: our welder, fabrication-training center, vocational school, etc.
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  • engineered's Avatar
    21st Aug '15, 19:20
    Geckos, it would seem, can just about stick to anything. Well, researchers at the University of Akron decided to see what kind of surfaces geckos can cling to, and Teflon, orPolytetrafluoroethylene PTFE as engineers prefer to call it, was one of their tests. Their answer was surprising: geckos cannot cling to dry PTFE (wet PTFE is another matter altogether). Some people say that PTFE is the only dry surface that a gecko cannot cling to … but why? Geckos are able to cling to so many slick surfaces through the action of van der Waals forces combined with thousands of tiny hair-like structures on the bottom of their feet. Van der Waals forces are actually molecular attractions that operate over extremely small distances. They occur because of fluctuations in charge distributions between neighboring molecules. The thousands of tiny foot hairs on a gecko end in even more microscopic hair-like structures. These structures are tiny enough and in abundance enough make normally...
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  • shahjalal400's Avatar
    21st Aug '15, 08:22
    thanks I see this group, 73,548 members in this grop
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  • TheyCallMeCy's Avatar
    20th Aug '15, 17:10
    I was telling a new guy in the warehouse that we always purge the machines after use because its not good for the machine to leave any sitting material. But later, I got into a discussion with one of my co-workers about whether or not that's true. I'd always been taught to purge the machine and never really questioned it but my buddy was telling me it's a waste of material and that leaving the PP in the machine won't hurt it. I'm happy to admit when I'm wrong so long as I get the right answer in the process. What are your thoughts?
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