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  • robertjeffery's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:59
    First Question i would bounce back is; are you working in a group? / will need to justify your outcome? why i ask this question is... if you are proposing a solution to a group of like minded individuals, as a designer you often need to justify your final concept? and if that is the case then i strongly suggest following things like six sigma design principles, with process like the QFD house, only because people high up love Buzz Word Bingo!!! Idea being behind the QFD house is that it chooses the design based on merit rather then a design engineers gut feeling. If you work purely independently and no one will ever need to know the theory in how you came to your final design. (This is how I work (probably completely wrong, but so...) start from the beginning and make it as basic as possible..... Bullet point the PDS. Don't go into any detail, you know all the details in your head. from there i just sketch an idea, go down though the list, does it tick them all...
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  • Dunphy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:41
    Hi guys, I'm looking for help on problem solving, I tend to suffer designers block when it comes to starting a new design project, I never really know where to begin, Do you guys have any specific techniques for starting a new design? When someone comes to you with a problem how do you proceed? Alternatively if anyone knows of decent books on Problem solving techniques I would love to give them a read. I'm Extremely grateful for any help on this and thanks for reading.
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  • Dunphy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:31
    Dunphy started a thread Greetings in Pop in and say hello!
    Hi guys/gals, I'm a recently qualified toolmaker by trade and have been designing tools over the last year and a half, I'm highly interested in this field and I'm looking forward to learning from you all. :) Thanks, C
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  • edwardbrooks's Avatar
    10th Feb '16, 09:01
    Hii Jack, Nowadays Plastic injection moulding is very quick process than others..It's designing, moulding ,Tooling and assembling all procedure are very specialised to manufactured the product with high standard quality.. Designing for mould to product with CAD system and moulding with Art injection.. which enables the product more competitive than others.. Thanks
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  • edwardbrooks's Avatar
    10th Feb '16, 08:36
    Hii to all, I want to ask how work on products which are manufactured by gravity casting..I have no more knowledge about it.. I think it is the process with pouring of liquid or molten metal for making the product .. Thanks
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  • edwardbrooks's Avatar
    10th Feb '16, 07:11
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  • edwardbrooks's Avatar
    10th Feb '16, 07:07
    Hii bowen, I am new to work on injection molding..In the new era,Injection moulding design process is very popular because most of the it takes less time than other procedure..All the products are design with CAD system which enables to manufacture the product with high standard quality.. Injection Moulding also mould with art injection that are semi or fully automated with pick and place robots.. Thanks
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  • edwardbrooks's Avatar
    10th Feb '16, 06:25
    Hello to all,
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  • SuperNovaRecruiter's Avatar
    9th Feb '16, 11:41
    SALARY UP TO £35,000 Brett Martin Daylight Systems are looking for an enthusiastic, creative, self-motivated and experienced Product Design Engineer to join their team in designing, developing and engineering new and existing products. The successful candidate will have experience of working as a Product Design Engineer within a manufacturing or similar environment. Brett Martin Daylight Systems design, develop and engineer bespoke natural roof lighting products for commercial and industrial building projects. They are the UK and Ireland’s leading rooflights manufacturer, and with ambitious growth plans over the next 5 years, this is a great opportunity for a Product Design Engineer to join their team. PRODUCT DESIGN ENGINEER - RESPONSIBILTIES Management of own design engineering projects, from identification of market need through to concept and design CAD Design of component and assembly drawings for development projects, production of product specifications, production...
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  • Dovile's Avatar
    8th Feb '16, 19:39
    The North American Business Development Manager is with a subsidiary of a $3 Billion parent company specializing in renewable energy solutions. The North American Business Development Manager will be a part of the subsidiary that specializes in large metal casting and forging solutions. This client manufactures fully machined castings and seamless rings ranging in weight from 1 ton to 55 tons for industries and verticals including, Wind Energy, Bearings, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Material Handling, Construction and Mining, Defense, and Heavy Machinery serving customers globally. Job Description Conduct needs analysis to uncover customer needs and requirements for casting and forging solutions Prospect and development new customer relationships Develop and execute strategic growth plan for the US market Travel within the US Region to meet with customers to understand business needs Work with customer to negotiate pricing, quoting projects, solving...
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  • Karin Anders's Avatar
    8th Feb '16, 13:44
    This individual willmanage the technical department of US Ophthalmic. The individual must havemanagement experience in any type of technical/electronic department and theability to assess technical device characteristics, issues, etc. The individualmust further have the ability to delegate duties and coordinate technicalevents, repairs, and purchasing of equipment. Job Description and Responsibilities:• Manage and delegatetechnical department employees. • Repair andtroubleshoot ophthalmic equipment (Training will be provided).• Provide technicalsupport and customer service.• Generate, notify,follow-up, and solve recurring cases.• Inspect equipmentand follow protocols on a case-to-case basis.• Train newtechnicians.• Travel for or sendtechnicians to tradeshows for set up and dismantling.• Create newprocedures to maintain efficiency in the department.• Analyze low levelsfor all spare parts to maintain the necessary stock on hand.• Keep up with allPurchase orders to make sure they do not...
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  • balajikrishnasamy's Avatar
    8th Feb '16, 10:12
    Sir, I am a Design Engineer with around two years of experience. Please give me further details to my mail balaji1831992@gmail. com Regards, Balaji
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  • Imun's Avatar
    7th Feb '16, 07:46 A loading analysis was carried out using Cosmos Works software. In this work, the behavior of Roofix (a unique concrete mold) was studied during concreting. The loads imposed on Roofix due to the weight of the wet concrete and the workers who spread it were examined
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  • hank1090's Avatar
    6th Feb '16, 20:09
    Hello everyone, I'm designing a telescoping mechanism with 3 cylindrical tubes, and a square driveshaft running through the middle. See the attached pic. It's about 6 feet long fully extended, and I have custom plastic adapters holding and securing the tubes, with holes in the tubes for adjusting length. The driveshaft begins with a 7.7 mm square shaft, which again telescopes into two square tubes. I have two molded bearings at the ends of the cylindrical tubes, but I also need bearings in between. I thought of incorporating them with the plastic adapters, but I haven't found a proper way to secure them. The other issue is, the square driveshaft is too small for me to design an adapter, and I need some feature so when you expand the tubes, the smaller shaft will lock on and drag the larger tube with it, or it will just get pulled out of the tube and get separated. I'll appreciate any suggestions to solve this.
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  • SachinHB's Avatar
    6th Feb '16, 18:46
    Hi guys, I need your help and suggestion on a machine I am designing. The attached drawing shows the part of a machine I am designing. In this the motor is rotating at a constant speed of 1000rpm and is connected to a rack which drives a pinion. This pinion is fixed on a shaft which rotates at 2000rpm and it is supported with ball bearings. The linear reciprocating movement of the rack makes the pinion to change its direction of rotation continuously. The moment of inertia of the shaft is 0.040Kg-cm2. My doubt is is this possible. Will there be any problem caused due to continuous change of rotation direction. Will there be power loss??
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  • PEP4687's Avatar
    5th Feb '16, 19:37
    Wow!. Who is going to do all those posts? !:)
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  • PEP4687's Avatar
    5th Feb '16, 19:31
    Hello. :) This is one of my few times in a design forum I have mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics (automation) design experience Solidworks as design program most of the time Glad to be here!
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  • Ebrahim60's Avatar
    5th Feb '16, 07:52
    Hi, it sounds good to work for a while in Canada.. Mechanical Engineer from Bahrain (Gulf Area), 10 years experience working on Auto-desk Inventor 3D Design Please can you supply further information for this role, what kind of products you are dealing with? contact me by email Kind regards, Ebrahim
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  • AndrewFiona's Avatar
    5th Feb '16, 05:57
    Hello Everyone, I am new here.
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  • Finny's Avatar
    4th Feb '16, 17:54
    Hello! I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate out of Dalhousie University. After completing my degree I worked at the university for 8 months for various professors doing a mixture of CAD, mechanical design and research. I'm now looking for a full time position out on the west coast. I was hoping you guys would have some helpful advice or possibly some inside leads on positions that may be available in the near future. Anything helps! Cheers, Ian
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  • Gary152's Avatar
    4th Feb '16, 16:09
    Fyi, a resource for designer. We have solution to intergrate your product into the eCatalog portal. Please do let contact if you are a component manufacturer. Rgs,
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  • Finny's Avatar
    4th Feb '16, 15:34
    Hey, I am a recent grad just coming off some contract work at Dalhousie University as a Design Engineer. I would really appreciate it if you could share more about the position. Cheers, Ian
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  • RJNEngineering's Avatar
    4th Feb '16, 12:08
    Research and Development Engineer - Gloucestershire - £25,000 - £30,000 per annum Due to continued growth a Gloucestershire manufacturer has an opportunity for an ambitious engineer to take a lead role in the development of new products. This is a new position which would suit a graduate with experience in design, development and manufacturing or a time served engineer with relevant experience. Duties: Research new product ideas, produce protoypes, designs, instructions and bills of materials
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  • Dovile's Avatar
    2nd Feb '16, 18:50
    As the Barclays Fabrication Lab Engineer, we’ll look to you to deliver expert support through our Eagles Labs community initiative. The Eagle Labs is an initiative that aims to reach out to the local community network, demonstrating how digital fabrication can be utilised to enhance and realise ideas – design, commercial businesses etc. It’s a brand new project where you’ll be working with the latest 3D printing and digital fabrication technology. You will be instrumental in supporting the wider local community better understand digital fabrication technology through demonstrating, implementing and testing a variety of digital products and tools. The Eagle Lab will be offering and demonstrating digital fabrication products and tools to our customers to ensure no-one is left behind through the digital revolution. As a Fabrication Lab Engineer (3D printing & digital fabrication), your main responsibilities will involve: • Assisting the Eagle Lab Manager with the day...
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  • CPPMable's Avatar
    1st Feb '16, 19:06
    What is the normal force that would be applied? Do you think a paint would hold up to continuous friction? Probably not unless the force is very very small.
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  • jhughes7's Avatar
    1st Feb '16, 16:34
    Any vehicle design engineers that might be willing to let me interview them would be preferred!
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  • Andrii's Avatar
    31st Jan '16, 17:05
    Hello from Ukraine.
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  • Gary152's Avatar
    31st Jan '16, 16:52
    I'm from Vietnam, nice to meet you all!
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  • helmi_mjd's Avatar
    30th Jan '16, 16:14
    Hi guys, I would like to design a waterproof (or at least splash proof) cylinder enclosure. The enclosure should be easily removed when needed. Now I already have enclosure (a piece of circular acrylic) and a cylinder aluminum. Both have same diameter. My questions are: 1. How to make it waterproof/splash proof? 2. Any suitable removable lock design I can use to attached the two pieces? or commercially available is acceptable. Please give advised. Thank you.
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  • jhughes7's Avatar
    29th Jan '16, 19:15
    Hey Guys! I am currently taking a Technical Communications class from Salt Lake Community College, and one of my projects involves interviewing a professional in my chosen career field (my chosen career field being Mechanical Engineering) to learn more about the organizational culture of the company they work for, which genres of writing are most commonly used, and maybe an example or two of some Engineering reports that I could use for reference. I would really appreciate any help you are willing to offer, so if you are interested in lending a hand and would be generous enough to allow me to interview you (email, phone, or webcam) I would greatly appreciate it. PM me and I will provide my email address and/or phone number so you can contact me whichever way is easiest. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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