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  1. Stainless steel deep draw
  2. feeds and speeds for milling variable pitch scroll
  3. Unit converter - "Convert" by Josh Madison
  4. Spring Force Graphs
  5. Co-efficient of Friction of Carpet...
  6. How to calculate an agitated vessel?
  7. Calculating CREEP of a material
  8. Ball screw / motor specification
  9. Bolt Spacing Calculation for flanges
  10. Online Calculators
  11. Beam Bending....
  12. Tooling Economics
  13. Determine the minimum shell thickness of pressure vessel to
  14. Calculating length of tapered helix
  15. Stress calculator
  16. Tailing Lug on pressure vessels
  17. What "d" means...
  18. Calculate aluminium thickness?
  19. Pressure vessel design with dimpled jacket
  20. How can I calculate the overpressure?
  21. Thermal expansion of a tube
  22. Force required to pull a 5 ton pipe...
  23. Tube bending - calculating forces involved
  24. Solar power
  25. Blast Height
  26. Ratchet Design
  27. Frequency response analysis for chassis
  28. Determining bending stress in a wheel axle
  29. Shear and direct stresses on a shaft
  30. Mooney Rivlin Constants for Polyurethane
  31. Scissor Lift calculation
  32. Chassis/beam Calculations.
  33. How to calculate a size factor used for Endurance Limit
  34. How to calculate pressure vessel with capasity 60000 ltr?
  35. Bore selection on IC engine design
  36. Excellent thermal resource (Frigus Primore)
  37. Belt Design
  38. Exhaust Air Flow Rate Calculation
  39. Hydraulic wine press - Beam calculations
  40. calculation of mass flow rate of Exaust gas
  41. Heat Transfer Estimation
  42. Aluminium box section compression load cal
  43. Conversion of Specific fuel Consumptions
  44. Design of Piston Connecting Rod & Crank calculation
  45. How to decide on stress relieving ??
  46. About test radius of cylinder spur gear
  47. are motor rpm and torque the right calcs for my design?
  48. Are these caluations correct?
  49. Thick wall cylinders - compressive failure?
  50. Gripping force on Collet
  51. How to calculate Holding force of sleeve
  52. Drill string design questions???
  53. Pipe under high external pressure
  54. How can I calculate force required to destroy of a iron hollow cylinder?
  55. Tow Loop Strength
  56. Hyperstatic supported pipe
  57. Brain fart.... Calculate spring force requirement...
  58. air bearing design
  59. Polymer Memory Retention
  60. Steering Techniques Help
  61. Design of curved bike frame
  62. Mechanical Calculation
  63. Calculatin for engine cylender please help
  64. CVT Design
  65. Multi level scissor lift calc
  66. Simple gear reduction formula?
  67. scissor lift
  68. cross sectional area of circular solid & hollow rod.
  69. Thermal Expansion of Carp Brand Tufnol
  70. Calculating torque on hardened pins
  71. Calculating Buckling?
  72. FEA software for seal modelling
  73. Roller chain and sprocket calculation for bicycle
  74. calculating HP
  75. Cooling requirements and fuel efficiency
  76. Lagrange’s Equation with friction that depends on contact force???
  77. Belleville spring characteristics
  78. Torque required to turn a stationary wheel
  79. Human power gear calulation?
  80. I have question about Impulse with pendulum. Please help me ............
  81. Electromagnetism
  82. Crank Torque/Piston Force Question
  83. hobbing machine ratio
  84. stress in thick walled cylinders
  85. Marine Winch Calculation - Some help if possible
  86. MODAL Mass of a Clamped Circular Plate
  87. mechanical calculations of motor
  88. Wear Calculation
  89. Design Rotational Moulding Arm
  90. Inverted scissor lift used as a rigid slewing hoist
  91. powerplant
  92. Design of hydro turbine components
  93. Comparable Pressure at various temperatures
  94. Need help optimising and solving loading in a pinned 3 strutted linkage
  95. How to calculate power of wind turbine?
  96. woolfram alpha.... great resource...
  97. Vertical Centre of Gravity
  98. Twist Angle in Valve
  99. Turbocharger bearing design
  100. Output torque required to run sand mixer..
  101. hypemesh
  102. H.P to pressure?
  103. Screw Torque
  104. Chassis Breakage
  105. Calculate gear strength
  106. Water Pressure Question
  107. ball screw selection for machine tool
  108. Bolt load calculation
  109. Calculating stress on a drive roller used in a belt conveyor
  110. Thermal Resistance Calculation for a heat sink.
  111. Material of Heat Sink
  112. Torque and power calculation of motor
  113. Noob question
  114. to calculate torque required
  115. Inclined Screw Conveyor Calculation
  116. Different cross sectional area for beam
  117. centrifugal blower design
  118. O ring calculations.
  119. How do you decide the diameter of the rotor in a disc brake??
  120. design question
  121. Fun video about L'Hop Rules Gangnam Style
  122. Calculation the temperature at certain length
  123. Help with Electric motor car calculations please.
  124. Initial power required to run bike.
  125. Building a Trommel, help with calculations!
  126. Drawing programmatically a gear teeth
  127. How to calculate PCB Stencil alignment compensation
  128. cos, sin or tan
  129. wheel speed?
  130. Air operated grease pump
  131. curving angled corners
  132. Help needed with a design
  133. CSP power plant efficiency calculations
  134. Dedecting cavitation by using step response answer.
  135. Stepped cantilever beam
  136. Calculating permanent deflection of a steel beam
  137. Helicopter Propeller Calculation
  138. Basic Guidance Needed
  139. Heat Plate in Air to Melt Plastic
  140. Calculations using Tensile test data on a hybrid composite laminate
  141. How to calculate the heat radiated by fire at a distance ?
  142. Natural Frequency through a gearbox
  143. EN 14015/API 650 Fuel storage tank : Cone roof compression area
  144. how to calculate and choose a motor for my special pump
  145. Need help with this stress problem
  146. Need to work out the stresses on two materials
  147. Help with working out the safe air pressure on a compressor
  148. How to calculate motor Power for POV GLOBE!
  149. Pressurized Gas Heater Design Problem
  150. Motor to gear ratio?
  151. Determining the correct spring for a certain water pressure - psi
  152. how to calculate the power of pump jack
  153. Bending stress due to 2 different, perpendicular bending moments
  154. Equations of motion spring vibration
  155. How to scale up energy?
  156. How to Calculate Total Work out/ total Power of an Engine of any time................
  157. Question Thermodynamics Help
  158. Calculate Time For A Sprng Index Plunger To Release
  159. Optimal angle for weight to be applied to a shock
  160. Rim speed formula?
  161. How to calculate the Mounting Thickness of Low pressure Hydraulic Cylinder
  162. Buoyancy Problems
  163. How to calculate the Buckling Load for the Hydraulic Cylinder
  164. Pneumatic soap cutter
  165. Tank drainage time [bernoulli]
  166. Non-linear deflection of a round shim/washer
  167. Mounting ear (clevis) of hydraulic cylinder failed. Why?
  168. Basic Excel Calculations
  169. Crane design
  170. Car ramp deflection - help pls compleatly confused
  171. Torque required to move a turntable by a belt/chain drive
  172. Setup for measuring shear and compession force in samples.
  173. Bottle capacity calculation
  174. Design Project - utility tray
  175. Knurled press fit torque calculation
  176. How to calculate a vacuum cleaners power? And maximum for wire?
  177. Tolerances and fits problem
  178. What does the 'whirl velocity' means??
  179. How much i need heat to melt the steel?(I have 2 days help me :) )
  180. Bolted Connection Calculation Standard
  181. How to find damper force?
  182. Coefficient of friction knurled steel
  183. Need Help | Calculation for plate that will be used for machine (i.e. mob crane body)
  184. Wheel Torque
  185. bevel gears mounting distance
  186. force on linear slider
  187. Pressure Relief capacity Rupture disc and relief valve
  188. A necessary force to bend a flat rod?
  189. How to Calculate Pump Head for closed loops
  190. Calculate motor torque requide to drive a cart
  191. Force calculation
  192. Calculating slip-on flange with AD 2000 Merkblatt B8
  193. Natural Convection Across a Sphere
  194. How to determine the strength in aluminum?
  195. Base for hydraulic manipulator
  196. Linear Force from 3HP motor
  197. Piston Force based on Horse Power
  198. Gear reduction
  199. draw bench design
  200. Pitch circle diameter
  201. GJS-600-3 - Wohler's fatigue curve
  202. Medical Centrifuge Rotor design and Motor Selection
  203. Calculating HP to spin wheel
  204. Radial turbines
  205. problem for NEWTON very nice engine
  206. How heavy is mass m ?
  207. ( em drive problem ) test you can repeat in home
  208. garter spring design.
  209. A student needs help...
  210. Calculate clamp force on bike handlebar
  211. Shaft deflection
  212. Guillotine Shear Design
  213. gear torque input
  214. Design calculations for Automotive piston
  215. power screws
  216. bevel gears
  217. Press Fit Design
  218. shredder
  219. Computer controlled winch project - Lookinng for some confirmation of calculations
  220. size a gusset
  221. size a gusset
  222. Prototyping 3D board
  223. Magnetic attraction threshold distance problem
  224. How to calculate the maximum axial load retaining capacity for snap rings?
  225. Analysis of Shear Shredders
  226. gear ratio confirmation?
  227. Help needed - Planetary gear
  228. How to Calculate total kinetic energy of the system for scissor lifter
  229. Basic Mechanical Design Problem (For Cash)
  230. Valve flow with given Cv and Inlet Pressure
  231. Motor torque calculation.
  232. Timing belt calculation
  233. Stand design - Minimum base length
  234. How to analyse the Excavator coupler for Rock breaker?
  235. Using a right angle gear box and determining torque
  236. Bolt Strength Calculation for lifting
  237. Cost Calculator for Blow Molding Design
  238. UPN Self Standing Mounting Frame
  239. Self Standing Mounting Frame
  240. Compound 4 bar linkage design
  241. Pulley Tendon Mechanism
  242. Linkage Schematic
  243. 4 bar linkage design help
  244. Can someone help me with an analytical dynamics exercise?