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21st Jun '11, 01:26

Here are two examples of my own rendering were I use a transparent skin to unveil the inside working parts of the product. This technique isto be widely used when you are more about to talk with experienced CAD users.


On the second example I use the very same technique but to focus viewer attention on the very simple part newly created (design simple...) :roll:

Just my two cents

21st Jun '11, 07:56
Nice work - thanks for sharing. What are they and which rendering package did you use?

21st Jun '11, 15:03
Created using SW 2010 - refined with Simulation (add a bit of CFD to design an article compatible with DIN2353 standards). Rendered trough PhotoView360 (2hr/10 images) ... and of course a lot of hand computing.

The second one is a simple adaptating device that enable a standard roll of plastic to be workable in a controlled air workspace.

Let's say that the first product is NOT the perfectly suited vehicle to drive after an all-out party. :roll:

18th May '12, 14:19
Dear colleagues,

This time it's a video. Let me know your reaction.

How do you deal yourself with YouTube in your communication, especially with other websites that without any mechanical or engineering content still reference your vids (ex. my vid can be seen on a Website that deal only with Kitten !). :confused:


7th Oct '13, 00:33
Another example of the use of glass walls to enhance the quality of the design and focus attention of the public (customer and subcontractors) on the complexity and level of details of the model.

It's an Industrial building (length around 30m) with the full network of connected piping for a gas turbine.

7th Oct '13, 01:11
Another view for those for whom the image file (GiF file) would be too long to download


To add some numbers for those that likes it:
- this full functioning model and another one were made on a scratch program in one (1) single month
- On average they included both 420 new designed parts including the ones that were added to the Solidworks piping database via direct entry.
- The model is refined enough to allow light CFD/FEA study to be made out of it for each component (a component being a dedicated piping - quick mods/adaptation are needed of course)

7th Oct '13, 11:34
scratch... :rolleyes: seems I crashed this one.

26th Mar '14, 06:25
I thought it would be great to depict the capability of SW to render large assemblies.

This one has probably 1000+ parts and depict a tensioned structure made with aluminium extrusion. It's a fully workable model for FEA under Simulation Pro (except for the desk assembly mock up and the would-be human figure).


Footprint went-up up to 10000mē


And a short video (made entirely on a Notebook) :rolleyes: