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8th Oct '09, 01:27
I've been thinking about freelancing for a little while, but I don't know how to start.

Is anyone here doing some freelancing? How do you go about it? How did you start?

12th Oct '09, 06:49
hi vargasjc...

since june, i started to accept freelance autocad/solidworks drafting services. what i did is i advertise to different websites like sulit.com, olx, and 88db. that really what kicked off everything off. when i realize that i could have clients outside the country, i setup my paypal account. though i've never done jobs here in the Philippines, i was fortunate enough to find a client abroad. so far, i've done 18 drawings for him.

i dont know if this is what you have in mind. hope this can be helpful.

12th Oct '09, 16:40
So you just establish a relationship with your client thru the web?

How do you receive the drawing to be re-drawn in CAD?


13th Oct '09, 06:23
Everything is web based. Its risky but I'm fortunate to find someone who can be trusted.

Regarding the drawings, he sends me a sketch of what needs to be done. I do some preliminary drawings, and he tells what needs to be modified. Everything is done in solidworks, so I can make the drawings as realistic as possible. Sometimes, he even shows me the finished products through webcam and send me pictures of the item.

13th Oct '09, 14:09
That sounds fair and sound.

How about other engineering services? What I have in mind is creating a platform of mechanical engineering services that could be outsourced. It's probably being done somewhere already and by many people. What I'm looking for is an operational model, so I'm going to do a little research about it.

Thanks a lot for your replies.