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21st Jul '11, 01:28
I am trying to build a prototype of a patent I will be filing. I am looking for design engineer to develop plans or calculate the specifics that a CNC machinist would need in order to build it. It is a gasoline engine simpler than a one-cylinder internal combustion engine. You would be required to calculate intake and exhaust port sizes and a few other lengths for optimal performance. You would also need to be able choose the correct materials for the project.

A confidentiality agreement would need to be signed and mailed to me. I think this is a fairly simple project.

If you are interested send a message with an estimate for what you think it would cost to design plans for a one-cylinder engine and/or any questions you would need to know in order to figure out your estimate.

At this point, I will not be spending more than 5,000 on this project. But, if your estimate is less than 15,000, you might submit it and I will get back to you in the future when I have some more money saved up.

And, if my budget is well below what a mechanical engineer would make for this, maybe you would know a college student who has the skills to do this and would want to do it and send them this way.

Thanks for your interest and any advice you have.

22nd Jul '11, 00:44
I am a college student studying Mechanical Design and I work at Advanced Design Concepts as a Design Intern. We can do everything you are looking for. Please visit our website at adcinc1.com and take a look at our services and feel free to send me an email at aradloff@adcinc1.com with a more detailed explanation of what you are looking for so we can work on a quote.

Thank you,

Andrew Radloff
Advanced Design Concepts