View Full Version : Anyone done any jobs on Elance (www.elance.com)?

31st Jul '09, 00:20
Has anyone tried doing any work on Elance (or similar sites)?


I have thought about it, but the money doesn't seem that great

31st Jul '09, 10:17
I have looked at this and also at guru.com

Seems like a good way to idea to make some extra cash, but all the jobs I'm interested in have lots of bidders which makes me think that there are too many jobs for too few people. That said, you look at the protfolios of some of the bidders and many look like a load of crap.

I know what you mean about the , though. Not great really. Although I feel that lots of folk who need work done have no idea what it entails and just offer <$500 automatically

5th Aug '09, 19:25

13th Aug '09, 03:18
I've bid on a couple of projects on Elance without any success yet. I agree with the other poster regarding the large number of bids on per project basis. The chances of your proposal being accepted are not very good in my mind. I have also looked at the details about the actual bidders for many of the projects, and quite a few of them are from places such as India and other similar countries. I have nothing against people from any country in the world, other than the fact that many of these folks propose doing these projects for outrageously low costs. The organization that wants the work done should be basing their choice of provider upon the provider's capabilities, and not focusing so much on price. This is of course just my opinion.

19th Aug '09, 00:24
There are too many people from china and russia that will do the work for 6 or 7 US/hr. Don't waste your time.
Too many companies are outsourcing there design/drafting work to china or russia. Keep your chin up though. I have a feeling that things will pick up within the next 6 months. :)

30th Aug '09, 23:31
I've bid on Elance with success in some projects. For many people (like me), Elance is a chance to make extra money. I worked hard for two clients from USA, trough Elance first and directly after.

7th Oct '09, 06:48
I have win some small projects through Elance,
but scared with most projects there.
Typically, someone post a project as said " I need to build a prototype" but without any
detailed description and drawing, how can we bid ??
yes, most clients there care much more about PRICE, they like
to set the budget as " less than $500" but don't know how complex it will be.

Regarding "GURU", most time you will have 20-40 competitors when you bid on a project.

15th Mar '10, 23:48
I used a now-defunct site, ProSavvy (which became eWork). I got some good stuff there. However, too many potential clients do not want "engineering." They want the benefit of solid engineering practice and experience, but want to pay graphic design rates. After all, "its just a drawing." I haven't gotten into elance or guru yet.

19th Apr '10, 01:23
Not only have I done jobs I am the 900 lb gorilla on Elance. I have held either the top or second ranked position in terms of six month earnings since going full time in 2007. I earn about 30-50% of my total income directly through Elance.

It is a tough market to break into. I have been freelancing using the internet as my primary marketing resource since 1993 when I was a Wizop on CompuServe.


17th Oct '10, 16:35
I've used Elance and Guru for over a year now. I've made over 10k on Elance and about 2k on Guru in the last 6 months or so. Small side jobs that are a few hours and interesting to work on. Elance just changed and updated their project structure, much more realistic to real job styles, Prebid, NDA, Bid, Award, Milestones, Completion. I recommend it for folks that want to work remotely. I opened up a post here for the same style of work, but I guess no one has that type of work to post.


6th Mar '11, 15:51
I've never worked in Elance but I have worked in outsourcing sites like oDesk and Guru. Yes this is a good idea as part-time jobs. I do this as part-time jobs for an extra allowance. :D Well, although it's not that big, it's still helpful. It's quite competitive since you have to compete with other freelancers and they already have a lot of experiences and do have a big rate already. So what I did was to rate myself low per hour. So when I have the lowest bid on projects, they hire me (I just do simple jobs like article writing, blog commenting and forum postings) because of the cheap price. So when they hire me, I will make it sure to do the job well so that contractors will give me a good feedback. Eventually when I already have a good rating and good feedback from contractors I've worked with, I then increase my hourly rate.

14th Feb '12, 11:17
Elance is also a good freelance site that offer different freelancing jobs that suit on your so if you want to look for good career start searching on Elance.

15th Feb '12, 04:14
can u give me some idea about freeancing...

15th Feb '12, 04:19
hello Ashia,
how deside rates per hours at intially becase i am new to elance

29th Jan '13, 14:54
Yeah I've had experience of working as freelancer at Elance.com however, I'm now engaged with www.freelancer.com (http://www.freelancer.com) since it is a better outsourcing marketplace than elance.com.

18th Jul '13, 10:45
Has anyone tried doing any work on Elance (or similar sites)?


I have thought about it, but the money doesn't seem that great

yeah mate you can easily use them specially Odesk and Elance they are reliable and market leader for freelancing. No worries your money will be safe....


31st Jul '15, 07:22
I think the best sites for remote work are: upwork, staff.com, freelancer.com

You might want to check these alternatives. Good luck!