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23rd Oct '11, 18:15
Hello all, does anyone have any experience of general mechanical engineering jobs within the Russian Federation? I know there would be visa restrictions but I would guess that a Russian Company would be able to ease the visa process considerably.

14th Nov '11, 23:11
I am amechanical Engineer and get my Diploma from University of former Soviet Union.
Work many yoears in USSR and very well know their Mechanical Engineering standards.
I do design and drafting using SolidWorks, solid modeling software.
Now I am in USA, if the Russian Company would prefer telecommuting I would be glad to help.

Thank you,

5th Dec '11, 14:59
I can offer consultation .... please visit dimensionpune.com ..... or email your requirement to mahesh.deshmukh@dimensionpune.com or graphcomnsk@gmail.com regards mahesh deshmukh

5th Dec '11, 15:29
Guys - I think the original poster wants some advice on getting a job in the Russian Federation. I don't think he's looking for a consultant!

5th Dec '11, 15:48
Hello again everyone

Yes Gareth is correct, I am seeking any advice on me working in Russia. Its a strong economy and there must be a requirement for a Mechanical Engineer with fluent English and basic Russian.

5th Dec '11, 16:40
i too think it is restricted to only for russia, iam mechanical engineer from india,

5th Dec '11, 20:45

As far as I know there are hardly any jobs for mechanical design engineers because they simply don't produce much. The jobs that are available do not pay well.

There are, however, some jobs in the oil and gas sector, if you are interested in this sort of thing. This will entail month-long shifts, spending time in the middle of nowhere, but good pay. But I guess you are not in this sector, as you would know this.

Why do you want to work in Russia? It really is not the best place in the world right now... You'll certainly not gain valuable professional experience there... For this you need to go to Asia... If it's personal, then you might want to change the job (US government jobs, banking, business consulting, construction are all good).

Just fyi, I am a native Russian speaker and know a lot about the region.

6th Dec '11, 22:20

I am totally agree with shlamomo,do not even think to go to Russia for work an gain some experience. The countryare corrupt and dangerous.
The only one way istelecommuting and payment prior to starting the project.


19th Jul '13, 17:09
Dear sir,
I would like to join job.Let me know how can I join . I have 2.5 years of experience in design with 3D CAD softwares.
I am available at +91-9724742484 and nraj001@gmail.com
Thanks & Regards,
Nishadhraj Vasava

8th Aug '13, 20:59
не самое лучшее место работы. ну вы и жопошники.
я бы тоже уехал... и так же сказал...
ради этой темы я начал изучать английский, спасибо.

hi pedaller.
i live now in Russia.
ask me.
are you willing to work for a salary of 1,200 euros a month?
you must have APPLICABLE education, work experience of 3 years, you should not be more than 45 years, you have to be a man.
something else-ask

10th Aug '13, 06:48

I am agree with you If I will got a sponsorship from your side to work there.

Please fill free to call me or mail me at nraj001@gmail.com.

Thanks & Regards,
Nishadhraj Vasava

28th Oct '15, 19:50
Myself Deepanshu Kumar,i am Mechanical and Automation Engineer.I have good knowledge of mechanical design softwares like Solidworks,unigraphics NX CAD and Autocad.i have about 1.5 years experience.i have basic Russian language knowledge and good fluent English.so kindly can you suggest me any job in Russia? i am right now in Perm,Russia.

30th Oct '15, 11:38
Regarding working in Russia, yes I agree it is very difficult unless you want to teach English, in which case you can work 24/7!
As a mechanical engineer I wanted an engineering job and this was where it became difficult if not impossible!
Regarding safety and corruption, I have never had any problems and always found people willing to help, but it's like anywhere else in the world, you need to have some common sence.
The recent sanctions have no doubt made the job market even more difficult but when they are lifted I would guess there would be a lot of opportunities as the economy regenerates, especially with western Companies.
So my fingers are crossed!