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29th Oct '11, 00:10
Hello everybody,

I am looking for a career change guidance from more experienced people.
I am looking to change my career from 3d Visualization to Design Engineering or Mechanical Engineer.
But I don't know which way to go to get my foot in the industry asap.
I already started learning Solidworks and it is going great (it is not entirely new to me). Would learning Solidworks (getting a CSWA or CSWP) be enough to start an entry position job? Is there other things I should learn?

I worked as a professional 3D Visualization Artist for the last 7 yeas and it is still going great, it was my hobby that turned into a profession. I am doing Architectural and Product Visualizations in 3DsMAX. I also have a Bsc in "Computer Science and Industrial Engineering" but i didn't have any design classes there.

So my question is what do I need to learn to get my foot in the industry and make my way up as a Design Engineer?
What would you do in my situation?

Thank you

29th Oct '11, 15:11
You are doing one of the first important things for your career change.
You are started to learn a 3D modelling software as Solidworks, I advise you to learn several 3D modelling softwares, as Pro/Engineer, Inventor, SolidEdge, CATIA, Alibre and so on.
In this way you can have more opportunity, because every company use a different software and when you learn on software (for ex. Solidworks), you find a company that needs another one softwares.
Another important things, you need to have a very good technical background, a good scholastic training and a strong work experience.
However, if you have a grat passion and you are determinate to improve your skills day by day, you can rise through the ranks in some years.
In few words, if you want to become a draughtsman you can have just a good drawing skill and some technical abilities.
But, if you want to become a mechanical design engineer you must have a strong technical background, passion and experience.
I don't want scare you with my words, I think you are doing the right choices and your passion and determination give you the force to reach your goals!

Keep determinate and Good luck!
Daniele Todaro

30th Oct '11, 14:48
Thank you Daniele.

Your words don't scare me. I know this will be a long way.
I can find most information online but it is confusing sometimes and it is important to know I am going the right way.

So the main idea is to learn 3D CAD softwares and try to get a draughtsman position or an internsip, unpayed practice, etc. Once I am in, I will progress faster.

Ideal will be to do a Masters course in Design Engineering but I think I can do everything faster on my own.

4th Nov '11, 00:33
Hi razorcd
Knowing a 3D CAD package is not really the issue here. You need to be able to produce manufacturable parts. I suggest you try to get a bit of work experience with a local toolmaker/sheet metal shop/ CNC machinist. This way you get some direct experience of using CAD to produce parts and production drawings. Also book such as - http://goo.gl/3c0CS or http://goo.gl/tljfC

Hope this helps.

4th Nov '11, 01:26
Hi Camid, I was looking for some books about the workflow and standards. These are perfect. Thank you very much.