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28th Nov '11, 01:01
Hi I'm Darren,

I'm about to complete a 2 year degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. But I want to be more in the design process which usually requires a BS in Mechanical engineering. To switch degrees would cost me a lot of time. If I were to pursue a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Is it possible to get a job in design as if you had a BS in Mechanical Engineering? Am I limited to assisting engineers if I continue the technology program?

28th Nov '11, 14:47
Congrats on the degree. My advice, graduate, get a job (foot in the door) first. Once your in design opportunities present themselves. Then pursue your education at night.

28th Nov '11, 14:57
Hi Darren. I think mvalenti's advice is spot-on, but I'd be interested to know what the consequences of changing degree would be - how much extra time would you need? How close are you to finishing the current degree? Would your university even allow you to switch?

28th Nov '11, 21:16
Thank you Mvalenti. Gareth, it would take another full year in addition to the 2 years to complete a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I go to a Community College that has a decent engineering program. I have experience in Civil Engineering as a Cadd Technician/Land Surveyor which I enjoyed, but my strengths are in mechanical. I think I'll look for an internship and see about night classes.

28th Nov '11, 23:07
I had the oportunity years ago to change diciplines, from mechanical to civil. I loved architecture, so it seemed like a nice change. I went on an interview, and asked would I be involved in all aspects of design. The interviewer, said at first yes, but I would then have to choose. Hmm, pigeonholed into HVAC, Electrical, etc... and then at some point out of work with all the others in that exact field... Well I never took the job and stayed a mechanical designer. Make yourself as marketable as possible.