View Full Version : Mechanical Design - salaries are in reverse

12th Aug '09, 23:22
Allow me to to continue my celebration of misery by posting another gloomy new topic this evening.

I guess everyone's in the same boat regarding salaries regardless of profession, but what brought it home to me was recently seeing an ad for a job I left 3 years ago (same job - same company). The salary was 35K. I was on 36K when I left that position.

You can get a job as a bus driver where I live for 35K. How utterly depressing.

Anyone else got any anecdotes or opinions to this effect?

14th Aug '09, 16:00
Where do you live?

Might give up Engineering and become a bus driver ;)

17th Aug '09, 23:40
I am inclined to agree with you. Salaries have stagnated, so with the effect if inflation they are in reverse. :x

That said, I don't think this phenomenon is exclusive to Mech Engs. Everyone's in the same boat with the economy in its present state (unless you're a banker, of course).