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Eclat tech solutions
28th Jul '10, 06:49
Anybody know where we can obtain Parting Line Grinding Machine?

3rd Aug '10, 05:18
What do you mean by a Parting Line grinding machine? Something to grind mold face flat to minimize parting line? A profile grinder that follow contours to remove flash (fix the mold it is easier), or what?

Eclat tech solutions
3rd Aug '10, 05:38
Yes, Exactly what you mentioned.Something to grind mold parting faces to required shape which we feed so the matching is perfect

3rd Aug '10, 06:13
1. What material are you grinding?
2- What is the profile to be ground? Is it internal or external to the part?

Eclat tech solutions
3rd Aug '10, 06:26
My answers

1-What material are you grinding?
It is hardened alloy steel, used for mold core cav
2- What is the profile to be ground? Is it internal or external to the part
Depends on the requirements vary based on the parts. Sure it is external

3rd Aug '10, 07:41
The reason for my questions is that, if these are small parts in large volume, it may be more efficient to tumble them with glass beads rather than grind them.

3rd Aug '10, 20:51
A standard surface grinder of sufficient size to hold the base is most commonly used, though on some very large (extremely high tonnage) die bodies occasionally a Blanchard grinder is used. If the mold cavities and die body faces are in good shape and the die is properly vented flash lines should be minimal and most commonly can be removed with an abrasive blasting technique if on a metal part, sometimes the same on plastic though not recommended. Tell us more about the mold body size, tonnage machine your running on, material your shooting and shot sized, temperatures (mold, material and cooling), number of parts in the mold (single vs multi-cavity) if multi-cavity are you getting flash in the runner system, types of gates, etc. The problem could be your molds or you processes. Need more information. The more you tell the more we/I can help.