View Full Version : Tube bending - calculating forces involved

28th Sep '10, 00:42
I'm trying to design a tube bending machine, I'm aiming to bend up to 2" schedule 40 steel tubes, but first i have to calculate the forces involved in this bending, I've been searching around (like ASM handbooks, Marks' Standard Handbook, etc) but haven't had any luck finding literature regarding the calculation of these forces.

Do any of you know how to calculate such forces, or perhaps someone could recommend to me a good book or paper regarding this issue?


28th Sep '10, 20:56
If you look at a mechanics of materials book and see how they develop beam bending equations. If you assume that all the material on either side of the neutral line is stressed to yield, or maybe to ultimate tensile, stress then that will get you a maximum moment the machine will need to withstand.