View Full Version : Frequency response analysis for chassis

8th Nov '10, 00:23

I am working on Frequency response analysis on container trailer chassis frames. Need to find good literature. can some body help ?
thanks in advance

12th Nov '10, 15:46
I presume you are using finite element or similar techniques. NAFEMS have a range of publications (http://www.nafems.org). I have "A Finite Element Dynamics Primer" edited by D. Hitchings, you should be able to find this on the NAFEMS site - very useful. The probably also have some benchmark problems you can use with your own package to check you have understood the concepts and can reproduce "correct" results with the tools at hand.



13th Nov '10, 17:10
I failed.... I couldnt say this 5 times fast.... "Frequency response analysis for chassis"

14th Nov '10, 01:38
Thanks, I visited the NAFEMS site, looking to get subcription soon.
FYI; we use ProE for frequency analysis in trailer chassis of about 12 M long. need to organize the knowledge