View Full Version : Aren't those BAE and Dyson people annoying?

30th Dec '10, 18:37
I have been looking through the design and engineering jobs in various sites, and most seem to be from these two companies. Before you learn to detect that the jobs come from them you can end up re-applying for the same job over and over again. How come they cannot find people to fill the jobs if they are advertised in almost every single site that deals with jobs in the field? Also, the same jobs seem to be re-advertised over and over again. And aren't BAE making people redundant in the meantime? Why don't they promote people in the company instead of firing people and hiring new ones from outside. This sounds dodgy to me.

30th Dec '10, 19:13
It's the recruitment agencies. If companies such as BAE and Dyson allow recruitment agencies, the jobs get plastered everywhere!

Yep - it's infuriating. In the past I've applied for the same job many times without realising. Sometimes it's just impossible to tell its the same job due to the wording. Must be great for certain recruitment agents who presumably take advantage of the ambiguity to harvest CVs from unsuspecting applicants. :evil:

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30th Dec '10, 19:43
It makes me realise that, just as there are 50 candidates for every job, there are 50 recruiters trying to get their commission from the same job. These recruiters think they have found a gold mine putting bums on CAD seats rather applying for the job themselves.