View Full Version : Unit converter - "Convert" by Josh Madison

5th Sep '09, 17:10
I'd just like to inform you about a piece of freeware called "convert" by Josh Madison (http://joshmadison.com/). This is an amazingly useful program - something that every mechanical engineer should have in my opinion! It's function is simple - it converts any unit of measure. Force, mass, volume, acceleration, density, distance etc. Here's a screenshot:


You can download "convert" from the following location:

I've had this incredibly useful, unobtrusive program sitting on my PC desktop for years. I hope that you will find it as indispensable as I do!

5th Sep '09, 22:16
I have used this for many years. Fantastic bit of software. All praise to Josh Maddison! :)

1st Feb '12, 04:01
Another similar tool that I like is ConvertAll.


It is easier for me to find the units I'm looking for, because I can just type the unit. With convert, I have to figure out which of the seventeen tabs the quantity in question falls under, and then find the specific "to" and "from" units in the lists.