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  1. Accuracy of Mould Preparation

    The accuracy of preparation of parts of a mold for plastic injection molding is determined by the dimensional tolerance of the molded product. While each company may have its own internal standards about the policies for this accuracy, one of the standards used in major advanced countries is the standard recommended by VDI (Association of German Engineers).

    The details of the molded product tolerances according to the VDI standard are as follows.

    Taking the dimensional ...

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    Mechanical Engineering , Plastics Mould Technology
  2. Basic Knowledge on the Mould Clamping Force

    When a injection mold is fixed in a molding machine and molten plastic is injected into the interior of the cavity from the injection nozzle, a high filling pressure acts on the inside of the cavity. Since the parting surfaces of the mold try to expand outward due to this pressure, it is necessary to clamp the mold so that it does not open instantaneously.

    It is easy to imagine that flash will be generated if the parting surfaces open even very slightly. The force of keeping the mold ...

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    Mechanical Engineering , Plastics Mould Technology
  3. Have a knowledge of the silicone mold

    Have a knowledge of the silicone mold

    Before having a knowledge of the silicone mold, let us have a knowledge of the silicone materials. Silicone materials have been used widely just as the plastic injection materials, such as ABS,PP,PE,POM and so on.

    According to the chemical properties, the silicone materials can be divided into two different kinds. One is the ordinary silica gel which is also called precipitated silica gel. Another is the meteorological ...
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    Mechanical Engineering
  4. Have a knowledge of the plastic blowing mold

    Have a knowledge of the plastic blowing mold

    Plastic blowing mold is mainly the hollow blow molding. With the help of gas pressure, the hot melt parison can be formed into the hollow products in the closed mold. Except the plastic injection mold, the hollow blow mould is the third most common way of making plastic products. Compared to injection moldings, blow mould only has two die parts. Usually, the two parts are same. So the blow mold and blow machine have a low cost and are easy ...
  5. Am I able to graduate with a first class degree in mechanical engineering?

    Hi all, I am currently in my final semester of my second year of mechanical engineering.(out of 4 years). I have always been a hard working and a good student, entering university with very good grades.
    Sadly I took my first and second years very lightly, studied very little and have quite a low average mark (probably somewhere around 65%) and I have even failed a module which was the biggest wake up call for me.
    By this time I realized how much I should work and that I should take ...
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