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  1. Looking for a technical name for a mechanical system

    Hello all.

    I want to know what engineers call a mechanical system which is basically made of two parts;

    1- a shaft with screw threads on it.

    2- a hollow tube with screw threads on the inside wall matching threads on the shaft.

    And when the shaft is turning the hollow tube moves to and fro.

    Or maybe you know a link.

    I appreciate your help.

    Thank you.

  2. Symmetry

    In mechanical design, symmetry is a powerful tool. The need for radial, spherical or even bilateral symmetry rose with the early machines invented because of many reasons:

    -Easy inertia's study and achievement.
    -Easy balance.
    -Easy manufacturing process.
    -Easy modeling and analysis.

    Symmetry can be observed in nature at a big scale as well. If our environnement contributes to the shaping of our ideas and concepts, there is no denying to how much symmetry ...
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  3. On Speech And Mesh

    I have often been described as a talkative person. It's not that I love my fits of verbal diarrhea, but the need to be as specific as possible and to give as many details as I can leads me to either speak in paragraphs or use a particular vocabulary. In the mean time, I require precision when listening or taking in information.

    It's mainly because I'm aware of the error range within transmission and exchange. It's inescapable. In my mind's eye therefore, the narrower I can make the ...

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  4. Thermo electronic cooler used as supplementary addition to radiator

    Express if any ideas u people have
  5. for final year project

    hi i am nasir now i am in final year.i need to see here a good and based on mechanismfully project and plss give me suggetion and ideas for that
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