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  1. Emerging Engineering Design

    As we all know the world of manufacturing, design and engineering is developing every second of time.

    From your experience and knowledge which do you think are the areas which are and will develop in the near future regarding engineering design? What is the next big thing in he design world and what area do you think would need the most engineers to fill up jobs? Is it in construction, automotive, aerospace, bio-medical or in any other area?
    In other words, where do you think ...
  2. Have a knowledge of the plastic mold

    As we all know that the plastic materials can be divided into two parts. They are the thermoplastic and the thermosetting plastic. According to this principle, it's easy for us to get the similar principle that the plastic molds can be divided into the thermoplastic mold and the thermosetting plastic mold.

    What's more, the plastic injection molds can be divided into five categories in detail as follows.
    1.Two-plate mold
    2.Three-plate mold
    3.Lateral core-pulling mold ...
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  3. The assembly process of plastic mold

    After all the parts of mould have been manufactured, we need to put all the parts together and let them work well with each other. So this process is called the assembly process of plastic injection mold.

    But it's not only simply put all the parts together. We also have to do some works to ensure all the parts can work well with each other, just liking a human body, each part can work well with other parts. What's more, the mold assembly also has a great influence on the mold life ...
  4. Biodegradable materials

    How do you think of your life now? Maybe it’s peace and comfortable for us. With the human history development, of course, our life has changed a lot. Because we find the right development way, we try to find the newest technology and use this new technology to change our life to be much better.

    In these technologies, the technologies of plastic, including plastic materials, plastic mould, and plastic products, are widely used and especially very important in our life. It can be used ...
  5. Process of injection mold design & making

    The process of injection mold design & making is the key. It usually has a great influence on the mold precision and the mold life. As we all have known that high quality mould can keep the mass production going well and keep the delivery in time. So we need to deal well with the process of mould design & making.

    Usually, we make the plastic molds by five steps as follows. These steps can help us have a knowledge of mold making.

    First is the product design. We ...

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