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  1. The classify of mold base

    The classify of mold base :

    According to the mold runner, the mold base has been divided into three different types as follows.

    1. The side gate system mould base structure

    2. The three plate type system mould base structure

    3. The pin point gate system mould base structure

    These mold structures are widely used in the plastic injection molds. Because of they are the standard mould base, it’s convenient for us to find the type which ...
  2. Read Between the Lines: Parting Line Placement in High Pressure Die Casting Design

    OEM engineers as well as die cast engineers consider several factors when addressing the elements that are involved in metal die casting design. One of the key elements in this process involves the geometry of the die cast part and how it relates to the placement of the parting lines.

    What is a Parting Line?

    An engineer within a die cast company ...
  3. Precision Perpendicularity assembly methodology


    This is one of my first posts on here so here goes and wondering if anyone may have some advice!

    We have a small shaft (4mm dia.) which has a 66mm dia. and 7mm depth disc bonded onto it. The disc has to be set at a perpendicularity of 0.025mm to the shaft and at present we a struggling to come up with an assembly procedure that can give us consistent results!!

    The run-out of the shaft at the moment is 0.01mm so we are already reduced to 0.015mm for any ...
  4. Plastic Materials

    As we all know that the plastic materials can be divided into two types. They are the thermoplastic material and the thermosetting material.

    1. Thermoset plastics: After heating, can make the molecular structure combined with reticulate type, but a combination of reticulate polymer, even heating won't soften again, show the so-called a reversible change, molecular structural change is caused by chemical. Such as phenolic resin, epoxy, amino resins, polyurethane, expanded polystyrene. ...
  5. Emerging Engineering Design

    As we all know the world of manufacturing, design and engineering is developing every second of time.

    From your experience and knowledge which do you think are the areas which are and will develop in the near future regarding engineering design? What is the next big thing in he design world and what area do you think would need the most engineers to fill up jobs? Is it in construction, automotive, aerospace, bio-medical or in any other area?
    In other words, where do you think ...
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