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  1. Symmetry

    In mechanical design, symmetry is a powerful tool. The need for radial, spherical or even bilateral symmetry rose with the early machines invented because of many reasons:

    -Easy inertia's study and achievement.
    -Easy balance.
    -Easy manufacturing process.
    -Easy modeling and analysis.

    Symmetry can be observed in nature at a big scale as well. If our environnement contributes to the shaping of our ideas and concepts, there is no denying to how much symmetry ...
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  2. On Speech And Mesh

    I have often been described as a talkative person. It's not that I love my fits of verbal diarrhea, but the need to be as specific as possible and to give as many details as I can leads me to either speak in paragraphs or use a particular vocabulary. In the mean time, I require precision when listening or taking in information.

    It's mainly because I'm aware of the error range within transmission and exchange. It's inescapable. In my mind's eye therefore, the narrower I can make the ...

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  3. Thermo electronic cooler used as supplementary addition to radiator

    Express if any ideas u people have
  4. for final year project

    hi i am nasir now i am in final year.i need to see here a good and based on mechanismfully project and plss give me suggetion and ideas for that
  5. Creation and evolution

    No, I have no intention to start a theological discussion here. I do think, however, that the claim that complex systems are a sign of intelligent design is at least inaccurate. The most intelligent complex designs we can do have a lot of evolution in them. Actually, the lifecycle of a technical product has a lot in common with this of living organisms.

    For the general public engineers design things straightforward, in a highly professional and intelligent way.

    We, engineers, ...
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