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    Shaft loads static or fatigue calculation ?

    Hello vysang and welcome to the forum,

    if the shaft rotates it is subject to fatigue loads even if the load appears static...unless it is

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    Scissor Jack Force Calculation

    I think the FEA simulation is not necessary.

    It is suffice a white paper sheet, a pen and the levers theory

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    Scissor Jack Force Calculation

    A Numerical simulation (FEA) will do it quickly and repeatedly with enduring accuracy during the design phase.

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    armored cortex

    mini gun project.


    I thought I'd share some progress on a mini gun model that I have been working on for the past few weeks.
    The purpose of this

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    25mm chain gun

    If you read the original posters comment, he mentions that he is 'building a prototype' - a prototype is a working physical model.... He only later mentions

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    Force calculation

    You can just use individual component and do a Free Body Diagram to solve for the shear force by the cutter. Disregard the momentum side as I don't think

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    Image size increase

    Thanks for thee reply. I dont have any software like illustrator so I guess I just have to go with what Ive got. It looks fine on my computer screen so

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    Does anyone knows this questions?

    Sorry, I know this is a really old thread, but, anyone found the answer to this question?

    I know the .808(bh)^.5 is for solid rectangular

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    Project Manager

    Career Opportunity: Project Manager with Fameccanica North America in Cincinnati (West Chester), OH

    Are you a Project Management Leader

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    Image size increase

    You will not usually get good results with increasing image size, it will get pixelated and blurry. You could try tracing the line illustrations with

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    25mm chain gun

    Surely it is not illegal to build models of weapons. Or would it also be illegal to draw a weapon then? Anyway good models, however what are you trying

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    Hello from the Northshore of Lake Superior


    My name is Chad Clore. I have experience in machine design and mechanical systems for aerospace. I'm the Lead Designer for prototype/concepts

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    Senior Structural Engineer and Structural Engineer

    Senior Structural Engineer and Structural Engineer

    Are you interested in working with highly technical tasks within structural disciplines? And doing this

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    Force calculation

    Hello Friends,

    I need some help in calculating the force at the end of the clamping device (http://imgur.com/6aV5Fxk). I have a pneumatic

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    armored cortex

    25mm chain gun

    Here are a few more renders and some other models.

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