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Thread: Openings (Mechanical/Plastic) in Shenzhen, China

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    Openings (Mechanical/Plastic) in Shenzhen, China

    • Lead Plastic Engineering efforts for new product development for concurrent multiple programs
    • Provide DFM input to cross discipline NPI team
    • Develop and implement sustaining engineering strategy to ensure fully value realized from tooling investments
    • Manage plastic engineering relationship with Tier 1 contract manufacturers for all Hardware supply base
    • Lead junior plastic engineering staff and evaluate new hires for technical competency
    • Drive technical evaluations of Tier 2 tooling and molding vendor candidates
    • Independently handle transfer of tooling programs without disrupting continuity of supply
    • Troubleshoot and quickly remedy urgent plastic engineering issues
    • Generate cost savings through process optimization
    • 10+ years experience:
      • Developing and optimizing injection molding processes for efficient cycle time and capability utilizing scientific molding principles
      • Design input for high volume multi cavity class I tooling
      • Responsible for implementation of standard practices for both part and injection mold design
      • Leading analysis and troubleshooting process for part designs, tool designs, and molding process issues with internal and external partners.
      • Creating cost estimates for molding and tooling.
    • Experience and interest working with cross-functional/cross-culture teams both in Asia and the United States
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including working knowledge of Microsoft Office products and experience presenting to senior members via Powerpoint presentations.
    • Ability to travel internationally up to 20% annually.
    • Ability to work independently

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    Hi, I am interested in that position, I worked in Motorola and cisco experienced almost the same as what you discripted in the JD. please contact me at 13670168749 or email to me

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