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Thread: Multi level scissor lift calc

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    Multi level scissor lift calc

    Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to do some hand calc for a scissor lift mechanism.
    There is a post on the forum ( describing the calc for a on stage mechanism which I agree with and found the same result separately. It is also refering to this webpage (, which has been corrected since). This website also states that for a n-level sicssorlifts stacked up, the required force is multiply by n. Somehow I can believe that is right (the base of a one stage sicssor has to travel twice the distance of a two stage scissor with hlaf the arm length); but I can not put a freebody diagram on it! Can somehow explain to me with a free body diagram in the static case why that is?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    I cannot post a diagram but my thinking is this.
    Pay load, scissors arm and lifting height remaining the same, the base of a two stage scissor has to travel half the distance as a single stage one. Since the work done (force x distance) is the same for both, the required force for the two stage scissors will be twice the single stage one.

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    Hi Ramana,

    I totally agree with you. This is how I believe it is right. It is a proof and is enough. But as a mechanical engineer, I always like to understand things with forces and torques, but I cannot put my finger on this one. Any help with a free body diagram and force vectors on it?

    thanks a lot for your reply.



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    Hi Simon,
    It is embarrassing to admit my inability to post a diagram not knowing how to do it. My proficiency at the computer is limited to Autocad and MSWord.

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