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Thread: SLM Laser 3D printer

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    SLM Laser 3D printer

    This article is pretty cool! It is about Nasa is using a 3D printer for fabricating Rocket parts. The printer uses metal powder as ingredient. And by laser heating the powder, it form a metal part which shape could be very complex. Personally I doubt the strength, but watch the video and you'll see how it works.

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    I think it's the same process aas stereolithography.

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    I believe the guys over at the RCA in London have one of these. They did mention it was NASA grade and has the ability to form Titanium. This was a couple of years ago and things do change!

    SLM can make working car parts so NASA grade machines are going to be top end.

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    @Chrispan:I think I go with you on this, but at thesame time they may still subject it to further heat treatment. They may not subject human lives to unnecessary risks.

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