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Thread: Does mechanical engineers can successfully work from home ?

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    Does mechanical engineers can successfully work from home ?

    Hi everyone,

    I currently studying the impact of telecommuting in engineering and therefore I need your opinion.

    Firstly can you as an mechanical engineer do your work remotly? (mainly at home)

    Secondly do you think you will feel or you are more productive ? efficient? and satisfy with your job by working at home ?

    Also I will really appreciate if you guys could do my little survey. Note that this research is only for my dissertation.

    Thank you

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    as you know mechanical engineering has varied job opportunities and some of them like FEA analyzer's jobs are possible to be at home or any software experts in mechanical engineering field.but about the other job i don't think so.

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    work from home

    Working fron home can be part of the job, but face to face interaction is always going to be needed in R&D. Peer reviews, for instance, suffer from telecommuting in my experience. Also, assembly and conducting testing is impossibly, and nearly so when not on site. Everyday tasks can be performed from home and I have done it, but it won't be the whole job sny time soon imo.

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    if you can do the hole work yourself ,

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    I have some experience from working from home and I would say it takes a particular type of person to be able to do that. Not everyone will produce their best work when working alone at homw, especially if its a group project. Some people need others around them to inspire and motivate them, others focus better hen their on their own.

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    It is not impossible, but not recommended though.As a mechanical engineer you should have some interaction with other people of the same field.This will not only increase your knowledge but helps you to build your network also.

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